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New liberalism

New Liberalism is a book by Matthew Kalkman[1][2][3][4] that examines the evolution of Liberalism from its early beginnings to its potential future incarnations. The author argues that New Liberalism is the next step in this evolution: the notion that, in order for a society to be maintained and to evolve, it is necessary to take into account our responsibility to future generations. The key challenges of our time, from climate change to the growing debt and deficits, and the growing inequalities all threaten not only our freedom, but the freedom of future generations. Where classical liberalism was centered on negative freedom (freedom from harm), and social liberalism was centered on the broader concept of positive freedom (freedom to develop), new liberalism adds a further dimension with the concept of timeless freedom (ensuring the freedom of future generations through proactive action taken today).

This book was launched at Liberal International's 187th seminar and reception in London, UK[5] attended by members of government from thirty six countries, including the President of Liberal International Hans van Baalen, and the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg.[6] It has also been presented to the Liberal Party of Canada[7], where it was endorsed by the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Bob Rae.[8]

"Kalkman's concept is of much interest to all who want an effective state characterized by free empowered citizens who have the possibility to shape their own futures ... It is a must read." -[[Hans van Baalen]], President of Liberal International

"I was particularly struck by his strong case for liberals to take on the cause of freedom for future generations ... This is certainly a book to be read by those who still are motivated by a liberal sensibility and want to engage in the renewal of liberal policy and practice in a global environment." - Honourable Lloyd Axworthy, Former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

"Broad in scope, this clearly written short book offers a strong defense of the need for a more defined and updated concept of "positive freedom" and describes an intriguing framework for the role of the state in supporting rights and responsibilities that, crucially, extend to future generations." - Dr. Anne M. Pearson, Professor at McMaster University


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