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NewTek, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas-based hardware and software company that produces live and post-production video tools and visual imaging software for personal computers. The company was founded in 1985 in Topeka, Kansas, U.S., by Tim Jenison, a pioneer of desktop video.



The company's first products included DigiView and DigiPaint, both for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

The DigiView, the first full color video digitizers,added slow scan digitizing capabilities to the Amiga platform, allowing images to be imported at low cost, before modern image scanning technology was widely available.

DigiPaint product offered at release the unique capability of editing and painting on images in the Amiga's unique hold-and-modify high colour mode in real time.

The company found widespread fame and started the desktop video revolution with the release of the Video Toaster, an innovative system for low cost video switching and post production. The company was featured in magazine articles in such mainstream publications as Rolling Stone Magazine and was featured on the NBC Nightly News.

In 2005, NewTek introduced TriCaster, a product that merged live video switching, broadcast graphics and web streaming into a portable, compact appliance. TriCaster was announced at DEMO@15 and then launched at NAB 2005. At NAB 2006, NewTek announced TriCaster PRO, which introduced professional video and audio connections and virtual sets (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet technology) to the TriCaster line. At NAB 2007, NewTek introduced TriCaster STUDIO, the first TriCaster to support six cameras. At NAB 2008, NewTek introduced TriCaster BROADCAST, the first model to deliver SDI video and audio support. In early 2009, NewTek introduced 3PLAY, a portable multi-channel HD/SD slow motion replay system. At NAB 2009, NewTek introduced TriCaster TCXD300, the first high definition TriCaster. At NAB 2010, NewTek introduced TriCaster TCXD850, a 22-channel high definition model in a rack mount form factor. The TCXD850 won four industry awards[1]: the Winners Circle Award, STAR, Vidy and Black Diamond awards from EventDV, TV Technology, Videography and DV magazines, respectively, at NAB 2010[2].

Current product line

  • LightWave 3D - A complete 3D modeling, rendering and animation system.
  • TriCaster - A line of portable live production systems for broadcasting, live streaming, recording, and virtual sets. TriCaster models include TriCaster Studio (6 SD Video Inputs), XD300(3 SD/HD Video Inputs), XD455(4 SD/HD Video Inputs), XD855(8 SD/HD Video Inputs), and the upcoming XD8000 (8 SD/HD Video Inputs with additional advanced features).
  • 3PLAY - A multi-channel high definition/standard definition slow motion replay system. 3Play models include 3Play 330(3 SD/HD Video Inputs), 3Play 425(4 SD/HD Video Inputs), 3Play 820(8 SD/HD Video Inputs).
  • Accessory Products - LiveText (standalone CG program for TriCaster), Virtual Set Editor (virtual set builder/editor tool for TriCaster), TimeWarp (single channel instant replay option for TriCaster), LC-11 (hardware control surface for TriCaster SD and XD300 units) and SpeedEDIT (standalone NLE).

Company history

The fame of Video Toaster extended beyond the product; the company's founder Tim Jenison and its Vice President Paul Montgomery also were presented as new types of entrepreneurs running a new and different kind of company.

Jenison and Montgomery eventually split, with Montgomery leaving to help form a new company called Play, Inc., which ceased operations after Montgomery's untimely death.

Now based in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., the company is led by Jenison, and former magazine publisher and ReplayTV executive, Jim Plant, who is the President and CEO.

In 2005, NewTek founder, Tim Jenison was inducted into the San Antonio Inventors Hall of Fame as the "Father of Desktop Video".


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