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The research program is a Swiss federal program, funding scientific projects which endorse nanotechnology on a tera and Nano Tera scale, in order to improve health, security and the environment.

Some of its goals are to detect real time different health risks and conditions through body-integrated bio probing, to reveal security risks through smart buildings and environments, to save energy through ambient sensing and to detect environmental hazards such as floods and avalanches from inaccessible positions on earth.

Nano-Tera official banner
Nano-Tera official banner

Project Structures

There are three types of project:

  1. Research, Technology and Development (RTD) are large budget, multidisciplinary projects with highly ambitious objectives, and have a four year lifespan
  2. Nano-Tera Focused (NTF) are small projects with a very focused objective
  3. Educational and Dissemination (ED) projects allow undergraduates, postgraduates and even members of the public to take part

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