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Nani Nani

Nani Nani is an album of improvised music by American composer and saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist John Zorn (as Dekoboko Hajime) and Yamataka Eye.[1] A sequel album Naninani II was released in 2004.[2]



The Allmusic review by Stacia Proefrock awarded the album 4 stars stating "This album is not for Sunday afternoon relaxation, but its obvious playfulness make its more discordant elements eminently tolerable, even amusing in their cleverness".[3]

Track listing

  1. "Eep Man" - 1:07
  2. "Test Tube" - 3:11
  3. "Thank You For Not Thinking" - 2:36
  4. "Pulp Wars" - 2:57
  5. "Sticky Beethoven's Pipeline" - 1:15
  6. "Laughing Eskimo" - 1:28
  7. "Damascus" - 1:11
  8. "Yoga Dollar" - 5:17
  9. "Propolution" - 1:36
  10. "My Rainbow Life" - 1:44
  11. "Bad Hawkwind" - 18:13
  12. "We Live" - 0:56
  • All compositions by John Zorn & Yamataka Eye



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