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Nanadiya is a small village in Manavadar taluka of Junagadh district in Gujarat state, India. Nanadiya is located between Junagadh and Porbandar, approximately 25 km from the Arabian Sea.[1] It has an average elevation of 24 metres (78 feet). The main occupation in village is agriculture and have approximately 3500 Acre of farm land, and have check dam.

Inhabitants hardly exceeds 3000. A famous ashram called Dayaram Ashram is a religious and social place. The village have few old temples of Lord Rama, Mahadev, Hanuman and many private and public temple of Lord Krishna (Shri Nathji). The village has a school and a high school.[2] It has one government run/assisted anganwadi (a childcare centre).[3]

It was ruled by nawab till 1947 when it became part of Junagadh district of Gujarat state. It has been a constituent of Porbandar parliamentary constituency since 1977; previously, it was part of Junagadh constituency. In cities like Rajkot, Mumbai and Ahmedabad have highest number of villagers (among all villages of Saurashtra region) settled there.

It is a dry land located between farms and far looking Girnar mountain. The village is connected with surrounding villages and by a road with Bantwa town. Nanadiya is surrounded by villages like Sitana, Nakra, Vadala, Bantwa, Manavadar, Kahkhavi, Mitadi and Matiyana. The major farm crop is groundnut with minor crops like cotton, maize, bajra, juwar and cumin. The village has a small gaushala.

People of Nanadiya come together on Dec. 25th to celebrate "Dayaram Janma Jayati". On this special day people travel from across India even from U.S.A. just to be part of celebration.


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