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Nail 'n' Scale

Nail 'n' Scale, known as in Japan, is a puzzle video game developed by Data East for the Nintendo Game Boy. Seen as a combination of the video game Jump'n Run and various puzzle games, this video game features fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay.

Due to its unusual length for a traditional Game Boy video game, this video game may take up to two hours to completely finish.


This action may defy the laws of physics in real life, but this vertical nail shot works in this video game.

In Nail 'n' Scale, the player controls Spike, a skilled climber. The player plays their way through levels of heightening difficulty. In each level, the player uses climbing spikes to navigate through the level to the door at the end of each level. The climbing spikes are also used to break bricks that block the path. There are 51 levels in all, with a boss on every tenth level.

Each boss has his own unique weakness that must be exposed by the players before he can be defeated. While the first boss is not very intimidating, each subsequent boss becomes more frightening as the game progresses. Terrifying monsters can be defeating by firing the nail in either a horizontal or a vertical direction. Players can get killed by their own explosions; especially those caused by the exploding spikes that they can acquire much later in the game. There are even "fake" exits in certain levels of the game that try to pass themselves off as the "true" exit. Only the "true" exit permits access to the next level.

The final boss of the video game is the evil dragon "Lore" who lives in his dragon's lair. Unlike the other bosses, Lore is fought before reaching the 51st (and final) maze of the game. Players can continue from where the left off after a "game over"; providing that they never turn their Game Boy off.

Special items

Magical door
Completes the level regardless of the player's location.
White spike
A spike that will not break the brick when jumped on
Exploding spike
A spike that explodes after a short period of time, destroying the brick it is fired into, provided that the block could be broken normally.

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