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MoWeS is a software from CH Software and stands for the abbreviation Modular Webserver System. MoWeS allows the user to start a full-fledged webserver based on Apache, MySQL and PHP from a USB stick or any other writable medium without installation.

This is free software and released under the GNU GPL.



MoWeS Portable 2

MoWeS Portable 2 is the current, stable release that allows one to set up a webserver as a portable application. Using MoWeS Mixer, an individual can create a custom package from different applications (for example Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal, OsCommerce, TYPO3, MediaWiki, Moodle, SugarCRM and others[1]). All the packages are installed automatically without any user interaction and can be used immediately after MoWeS has started. The advantage for the users is that they do not need to install the applications themselves and, thus, also beginners have the ability to try different web applications. Since version 2.1.1 MoWeS Portable includes a backup function: with one click a ZIP file of the whole webserver system is created. After version 2.1.1. to version 2.2.3 only minor features were added and bugs were fixed.[2][3]

MoWeS Portable 3

MoWeS Portable 3 is also available. The change is that version 3 contains a simple scripting language that makes the integration of packages easier. Furthermore, version 3 is coded in Visual Basic .NET to ensure full compatibility with Windows 7.[4] For some users, there is already an alpha version available for testing purposes. This alpha version contains the standard WAMP components and also Perl, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, CouchDB, and MongoDB. MoWeS Portable 3 is portable software.[5]

MoWeS Presenter

MoWeS Presenter is a special version that allows a user to start a webserver from a read-only medium (CD, DVD) or to install a webserver automatically on a harddisk and integrate it as normal software into the system.[6] MoWeS Presenter can be used by developers to distribute webserver based software to end customers. MoWeS Presenter is still in a beta version and is soon to be released under a free licence.[7]


MoWeS Portable was introduced as a development tool for programmers and developers to test and develop web applications on their own computers without internet access. However, with the introduction of the package feature and the easy extendability, many people use MoWeS Portable now to locally test the various web applications as well. These include MediaWiki[8] and TYPO3.[9]

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