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Milam Glacier
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Milam Glacier

Milam Glacier is a major glacier of the Kumaon Himalaya. It is located in the tehsil of Munsiyari, part of the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India, about northeast of Nanda Devi. It ranges in elevation from about to about at its snout.[1] It covers around and is long.

Milam Glacier is situated on the south facing slope of the main Himalayan range. It originates from the eastern slope of Trishuli and the southern slope of its eastern subsidiary Kohli. The subsidiary glaciers coming off the peaks of Hardeol, Mangraon (6,568 m), Deo Damla (6,637 m), and Sakram (6,254 m) on the eastern rim of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary flow into it from the west, while on the east it is fed by glaciers from Nanda Gond (6,315 m) and Nanda Pal (6,306 m).[1] The glacier is the source of the Goriganga River. The village of Milam lies near the snout of the glacier; Munsiyari, further down the Goriganga valley, is the base for the trek to the glacier.

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