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London Buses route 230

London Buses route 230 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to Stagecoach London.



Today's route 230 commenced operation on 16 June 1973 as a Monday to Saturday route between Manor House Station and Stratford via Tottenham Hale, Blackhorse Road, Markhouse Road, Church Road, Leyton High Road and Leyton Road, in a scheme that was intended to localise routes "East of the River Lea". It replaced route 241 between Manor House and Leyton, as well as providing a new "direct" service from Leyton to Stratford. A bus station at Stratford, built as part of the re-development of the area, came into use at the same time.

In late 1976 until September 1977, there was a shortage of serviceable Routemaster buses which caused the temporary use of RT's on the route.

On 19 March 1977, a diversion to serve the centre of Leyton at Bakers Arms was introduced. Buses were re-routed via Lea Bridge Road and Leyton Green. This was the routing originally proposed in 1973, but due to a right turn restriction was not possible at that time.

The route was converted to one-person operation with single-deck vehicles as from 31 January 1981, at the same it was revised to operate from Finsbury Park Station to Bakers Arms, where it was re-routed to Whipps Cross. The newly introduced route 158 providing the service between Walthamstow and Stratford. Resources on the route were re-distributed as from 4 September 1982, whereby a small extension to Leytonstone(Green Man) was introduced, which was counterbalanced by the withdrawal of the whole service after 20:00.

From the 6 June 1987, the Finsbury Park service was withdrawn, with the route being re-routed at Seven Sisters via West Green Road and Turnpike Lane Station to Wood Green. Double-deck vehicles were re-introduced on to the route at the same time. Another re-routing, just over a year later on 2 July 1988, saw the route diverted to serve Walthamstow Central Station instead of Markhouse Road. In the preceding fifteen years, the 230 had changed considerably and now ran: Wood Green to Leytonstone (Green Man) via Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale, Walthamstow Central, Bakers Arms and Whipps Cross.

A small diversion in Tottenham was introduced on 1 February 1992 when the route was re-routed via Philip Lane instead of the eastern section of West Green Road.

A major change occurred on 22 June 1996 when the route was re-routed to serve Upper Walthamstow (Bisterne Avenue) being withdrawn between Whipps Cross and Leytonstone. At the same time, an evening and Sunday service was introduced.

Arriva London have gained the contract of route 230 from 22 June 2013. [1]

Current route

Previous route 230s in London

The route number 230 had been used twice prior to its current use.

There was also in London:

  • In the 1920s an Independent Route 230, authorised but never operated between Harlesden and Tooting.
  • Between 1962 and 1966 a Harrow Weald Northwick Park Station route 230A.


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London Buses route 230 in Encyclopedia
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