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Logitech VX Nano
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Logitech VX Nano

The Logitech VX Nano is one of the first Logitech mice equipped with the nano wireless receiver.

The mouse has the advantages of having its transportation bag & receiver saved in the mouse body. It uses two AAA batteries, which reduce its weight. It can typically work for up to 2 months in the office or 4 months at home by one battery exchange due too low energy usage.

Proprietary Logitech software under MS Windows can help notify about battery level, and customize the behaviour of the buttons.

It can also connects very easy to systems compatible with USB HID, e.g. Linux or BSD.

Gallery of views

File:Logitech VX Nano - Overall View.jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - Side view.jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - buttons.jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - typical view.jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - Botto off.jpg|Device is switched off. Typical at transportation File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. on.jpg|Switched on. Notice the green light close to the ON/OFF switch. File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. Open..jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. Released..jpg|Nano receiver released by pushing the red button. Ready to pull of and plug into the host USB port. File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. Pulled off..jpg File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. Batteryreleased..jpg|One battery released. You may watch the idea of loading & unloading the batteries. File:Logitech VX Nano - Bottom. Fully open.jpg

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Logitech VX Nano in Encyclopedia
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