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Lingapalem () is a village and a mandal in West Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[1]


According to Indian census, 2001, the demographic details of Lingapalem mandal is as follows:

  • Total Population: 54,844 in 12,852 Households
  • Male Population: 27,928 and Female Population: 26,916
  • Children Under 6-years of age: 6,607 (Boys - 3,412 and Girls - 3,195)
  • Total Literates: 33,051


The following is the list of village panchayats in Lingapalem mandal.

  • K Gokavaram is one of the biggest panchayats under lingapalem mandal.

In K Gokavaram panchayat there is a village Annapanenivari Gudem, which is under care of Bollineni family from many years. Pupalavarigudem is also a village under Lingapalem mandal. Bollinenis are the landlords and are active in politics.

Bollinenis have migrated to countries like ELURU,VIJAYAWADA,USA, UK,LAOS etc.

A few of the prominent names:

  1. generation 1 Bollineni pullaiah (late);
  2. generation 2 Bollineni venkataramana(late);
  3. generation 3 Bollineni perumal (late), Bollineni Harnath;
  4. generation 4 Bollineni Narasimha Rao and brothers.
  5. generation 5 Bollineni Sai, Bollineni Venkat and so on.


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