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Li Zhisui

Li Zhisui () (b. 1919, Beijing, China d. February 13, 1995, Carol Stream, Illinois) was Mao Zedong's personal physician and confidante[1]. After immigrating to the United States, he wrote a biography of his experiences with Mao entitled The Private Life of Chairman Mao .

Weeks after he announced on a TV interview that he was going to write another memoir, Li died of a heart attack at his son's house. He had lived with his son after immigrating to the United States.

As a physician, Li was interested in psychiatry. In October 1986, Li wrote the Preface for the first Chinese textbook on psychopharmacology, "Psychopharmacological Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders." [Editors: Drs. Neng Cai (Tsai) , Hong-zhang Shi ( , etc., Shanghai Scientific Technology Publisher, May 1987]


The private life of Chairman Mao: the memoirs of Mao's private physician, Publ. Random House, New York (1994), ISBN 0679764437


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