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Lam Research

Lam Research Corporation () engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and service of semiconductor processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.[1] Its products include etch systems, including dielectric and conductor etch, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), electrochemical deposition (ECD), ultraviolet thermal processing (UVTP), and resist strip and surface preparation, as well as synergy cleaning products. The company markets its products and services primarily to companies involved in the production of semiconductors in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Korea, and Japan. Lam Research Corporation was founded in 1980 by Dr. David K. Lam and is headquartered in Fremont, California.


2004 Launched 2300 Versys Kiyo silicon etch system extending advanced tuning capabilities for 65 nm

2003 Demonstrated extendibility to sub-65 nm scales for critical front- and backend processes on 2300 Exelan Flex dielectric etch system

Achieved ISO 14001 environmental management system registration

2002 Launched 2300 Versys Star silicon etch system for sub-90 nm applications

Released, a new extranet web site for customers that provides immediate access to the latest technical information and documentation online

2001 Introduced the TCP 9600DFM metal etch system for sub-150 nm processes

Shipped 1,000th post-CMP clean system to Philips

Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Quality System registration; scope includes design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of semiconductor wafer fabrication process equipment

2000 Shipped 2,000th high-density TCP etch chamber

Launched 2300 Etch Series, offering 200mm and 300mm capability

1999 Shipped 100th Synergy Integra integrated CMP cleaning system

Introduced next-generation Exelan dielectric etch system employing Dual Frequency Confined (DFC) plasma source technology

1998 Appointed Jim Bagley chairman of the board

Introduced first CMP system employing proprietary Linear Planarization Technology design

Appointed Steve Newberry executive vice president and chief operating officer

1997 Appointed Jim Bagley chief executive officer[2]

Acquired OnTrak Systems, Inc.[3]

1996 Shipped 500th TCP Etch Series chamber

Introduced improved DFC technology, 4520XLE dielectric etch system

1995 Introduced first product incorporating DFC technology, 4520XL dielectric etch system

Achieved 0.25 micrometre process capabilities in all served markets

1994 Opened R&D center at Fremont, Calif. campus

Shipped 1,000th Rainbow Series System

1993 Opened process development center in Japan

Introduced Alliance cluster tool platform

1992 Introduced first Transformer Coupled Plasma source technology based products, the TCP 9400 for silicon etch and the TCP 9600 for metal etch

1990 Established presence in China

1987 Relocated to new headquarters on Cushing Parkway in Fremont

Introduced Rainbow 4400 Etch Series (successor to AutoEtch) for polysilicon etch

1985 Established a global presence: Asia and Europe

Introduced first oxide etch system, the AutoEtch 590

1984 Achieved IPO and listing on Nasdaq

1981 Introduced first product, the AutoEtch 480, for polysilicon etch

1980 Founded by David K. Lam[4]


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