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LJ Create

LJ Create Ltd is a UK based company that produces interactive educational technology for the global market. Currently the company operates in over 60 countries.


About LJ Create

LJ Create Ltd was established 6 June 1979[1] when a City College Norwich lecturer, Larry Rowe, won a local enterprise competition[2][3].

LJ Create specialises in blended learning solutions for teaching Science, Engineering and Technology[4]. LJ Create produce hardware, software, E-learning, learning management systems, Interactive whiteboard resources[5] and curriculum development tools. In addition to hardware and software, LJ Create provides professional development and training services to educators.

LJ Create's range of products and services has won multiple awards [6][7].

British MP, Charles Clarke was appointed a Non-Executive Director of LJ Create in 2006[8][9][10].

LJ Create was sold to Infinitas Learning on 23rd January 2012 and is now a subsidiary of Nelson Thornes[11][12].

Company locations

LJ Create have their Head Office and product development center in Norwich (UK). They also have regional offices in Atlanta (USA) and New York (USA).

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