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KHushi / Khushi may refer to:

  • Cushi - the traditional Hebrew word for a Cushite or a person of African origin
  • Kushi, Iran, a city in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Kushi (skewer) - Skewers used in Japanese cuisine to hold and pierce food for grilling and frying, such as yakitori
  • Kushikatsu - fried food on these skewers
  • Kushi Station in Ehime Prefecture, Japan
  • Kushi (2000 film) - Indian Tamil language film starring Vijay and Jyothika
  • Kushi (2001 film) - Indian Telugu language film starring Pawan Kalyan and Bhoomika Chawla
  • Khushi (2003 film) - Indian Hindi language film starring Fardeen Khan and Kareena Kapoor
  • Kushi (song) - 2006 song by Bombay Rockers
  • Michio Kushi, macrobiotics educator and founder of Kushi Institute
  • Andrea Kushi, Albanian painter
  • Kushi-kushi, a Ham-Ham word used by Hamtaro when he grooms himself

  • A girls name in India.

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