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Kumauni cuisine
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Kumauni cuisine

Kumauni cuisine is the food of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India.

Kumaoni food is very simple but very nutritious completely suits the hard environment of the Himalayas.Pulses like gehet are fashioned into different preparations like ras-bhaat, chains, faanda and thatwaani all are unique preparations from the same pulse. Jholi or curry seasoned with curd. Chudkani and jola made from bhatt pulses. Cereals like mandua with rice and wheat are popular.

Meat is also prepared but the recipe is quite similar to the way it is prepared in most of North India.[1]


Some common preparations

Some of the most common preparations of the Kumaon region are.[2]

Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai ( ) is a brown chocolate-like fudge, made with roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls.


Dubka is a simple dish made from various lentils. These are grounded and a curry like dish is prepared from the grounded lentils andmade with few local spices available in the Kumaon hills like jamboo and jakhiya.Its usually made in an iron wok and eaten with rice. The following dubkas are usually made:

  • Black Beans(Bhatt)
  • Horsegram whole(Gahat)
  • Kala Chana
  • Moong ka Dubka
  • Urad ka Dubka(CHENSA)

and some others


Chains ( )is a preparation of whole urad which are first roasted then ground and then seasoned into a soup.


Faanda ( ) is another preparation of gehet pulses which in this case are roasted first and then grounded.


Ras ( ), is also a preparation of easily available gehet pulse which should be cooked in an iron Kadhai or pot to get the distinct dark green colour, eaten with rice. It is called also called thatwani ( ).


Kaap ( ) is dish prepared with spinach leaves crushed into a paste and cooked withother condiments.


Jhoi ( e) is curry seasoned with curd and curry leaves.


Bhatt ki Churkani ( ) is a soup like preparation of bhatt pulses eaten with rice.


Fried dish of green vegetables. Can be made from any of the various green vegetables like palak (spinach), lai, methi and so on.

Gaderi ka saag

A curry made from gaderi a root vegetable of the colocasia family.


Aaloo gutuk ( ) and Pinalu Gutuk ( ) are fried potaoe or pinalu (or colocasia), (Arbi) in Hindi, seasoned with spices.


Raita is a kind of spicy curd salad with crushed spices like mustard and raw vegetables in it.


A common offering at religious places and occasions, the dish is prepared from a mixture of wheat flour and Gur (Jaggery) or sugar. It is cooked in an indegenious ovens.


Sei is a pudding made with flour, curd and jaggery. It is especially prepared for the local festival of Phool Dei


The staple cereals in Kumaon are wheat, rice and madua a locally grown cereal.

See also


  • The Himalayan Gazetter by E. T. Atkinson

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