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Kirar Thakur

The Kirar Thakur are a Hindu caste that William Crooke described in 1896 as being found in western regions of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.[1]


Crooke noted that, according to their traditions, they were originally Jadaun Rajputs, and under Kunwar Pal, their leader, they left Rajasthan, and settled at Kirarwa in Mainpuri District. Over time they came to be known as Kirar. He noted that their relationship with the Kirar of central India is uncertain, but that both communities were cultivators. He said that they were found in western Uttar Pradesh, mainly in the districts of Aligarh, Agra, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Jalaun and Jhansi District. They were particularly strongly represented in Aligarh District, where they form one of the larger Hindu castes.[1]

Present circumstances

The community is now strictly endogamous, and consist of a number of clans, and practices clan exogamy. Their main clans are the Chauhan, Dhakar, Jadon, Jadonbansi, Jasawat, Maheshpuri, Mathur, Rawat, Sengar and Sherpuri. The Chhaunker of Aligarh/Hathras are the residents of Village- Kaumari, Ninamai, Tikari, Chandayia, Bara, Chhaunk, and Salempur. They speak the Braj bhasha dialect. The Kirar Thakurs are small and medium sized farmers, and cultivate wheat, paddy, maize, millets, pulses, sugar cane and vegetables. They also grow fodder for their cattle.

The Kirar are Hindu, and have customs similar to neighbouring Hindu communities.[2]


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