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Karoli, India

Karoli () is a village located in Kosli Tehsil, Rewari District, Haryana, India. It is on the 1.5-kilometre approach road boarded to Bahu-Jholri on the KosliKanina road and is 12 kilometres from Kosli and 7 kilometres from Kanina. The villages is 125 kilometres from Delhi, the capital of India. It is a large village with an approximate population of 5000 to 5500. There is average one person in army from each family.Smt. Kamala Devi is current second ladies sarpanch of the village after Smt. Bhoori Devi. There are numerous temples in the village, of which that of Baba Thakur Ji has a special importance. All the villagers used to have dinner in the temple on Holi (The Indian festival). The village school was earlier up to class 10 and due to excellent result in entire district,the school has been upgraded to Senior Secondary School. The village was the birthplace of Hari Ram Arya,[1] the Chairman of Haryana Azad Hind Fouj who participated in the Indian Independence Movement.



Baba Thakur Mandir Burz.jpg|Baba Thakur Mandir Burz |thumb|right|150px

Karoli is located at .[2][3] It has an average elevation of 245 metres (803 feet). It's boundary meet with Lookhi, Bishoha, Bawwa, Gahra, Kotia and Lisan villages.

The temperature can go as high as 46.5 degrees Celsius from May to July. Winter is from November to February, and the temperature can fall to 5 degrees Celsius in December and January. The village is adjacent to the Mahindergarh district and has dust storms in summer. Rugged hilly terrain of Aravali ranges as well as sandy dunes are found in nearby villages.

The overall climate is dry. Rain falls from July to September. A little rain is experienced during winter also.


Karoli village has a population of 5000-5500 Males constitute 60% of the population and females 40%. Karoli has an average literacy rate of 80%,higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 90%, and female literacy is 85%. In Karoli, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Yadav (Ahir) caste forms the majority of the population. Karoli is a part of Ahirwal, the land of Ahirs. Ahirwal includes MahendragarhNarnaul area and Alwar, which also have a large population of Ahirs (Yadavs). The adjacent districts of Mahendragarh and Alwar have Yadav-majority populations.


Delhi airport is about 120 km from Karoli (Via-Rewari). It is 3 hour's drive from the airport to Karoli by access-controlled eight-lane Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, four-lane NH 8 (Gurgaon-Jaipur highway) and then Rewari-Mahendergarh State Highway. State highways connect Karoli to all major towns in Haryana and adjacent districts of Rajasthan.

Karoli is connected to Rewari by a state highway which is a major junction on Indian railway network. Five railway lines connect it to Delhi (82 km away) and Ahmedabad on the major North-West trunk route, Bhiwani and Hissar towards Punjab, Bikaner via Mahendragarh-Loharu-Sadulpur-Churu, Ajmer via Alwar and Jaipur, and Ajmer via Ringas. The sixth railway line is being built to connect Rewari to Jhajjhar and Rohtak. The seventh railway line connecting Rewari to Palwal and Khurja has been under planning for over two decades but not approved for construction (as on September 2010).

Karoli is just 9 KM from near by Railway station Kanina on Rewari-Luharu-Sadulpur-Bikaner Railway line and 13 KM from the Railway Station Kosli on Rewari-Bhiwani-Hissar-Sirsa railway line. Both of the stations (Kanina & Kosli) are connected to DELHI via Rewari.


Karoli has three schools and one college. In near by town Kanina and Kosli has a number of schools and two colleges in each town. A Government College in Nahar is the nearest. Ahir College, Kishanlal Public College and a several private colleges have been also set up in Rewari (40 km )and Mahendregarh (25 km ) districts to teach engineering, nursing, management, etc.


The village is honorably followed the panchayati raj[4] system of Indian Constitution and a selected and independent panchayat[5] is there to establish the law and order. The village is organized in 11 wards which constitute the panchayat.

The list of the sarpanch from 1953 and after now-

Till Date sarpanch-

N Name Year For the period
1 Sh. Kundan Pandit 1953 5 Years
2 Sh. Raghunaath Pandit 5 Years
3 Sh. Bed Prakash 5 Years
4 Sh. Bed Prakash 7 Years
5 Sh. Juglal 5 Years
6 Sh. Shyokaran 5 Years
7 Sh. Ravi Prakash 3.5 Years
8 Sh. Ravi Prakash 5 Years
9 Sh. Ravi Prakash 3 Years
10 Sh. Gandhi Ram 6 Month
11 Sh. Ravi Prakash 1.3 Year
12 Smt. Bhoori Devi 2000-2005 5 Years
13 Sh. Jhuthar Yadav 2005-2011 5 Years
14 Smt. Kamla Devi June 2011 to till date till date

Current Panchayat

N Ward No Name of panch
Smt. Kamla Devi (sarpanch)
1 Smt. Prabhati Devi
2 Sh. Udyabhan Yadav
3 Smt. Murthi Devi
4 Smt. Bhrma Devi
5 Sh. Rajesh Kumar
6 Sh. Satish Kumar
7 Sh. Mahabir
8 Sh. Subhash Pandit
9 Smt. Kanta Devi
10 Sh. Rajbeer Yadav
11 Sh. Jagdish Yadav


File:Pump House on Canal.jpg|Pump House on Canal File:Play Ground (Karoli).jpg|Play Ground

Notable people

  • Hari Ram Arya (Freedom Fighter & The Chairman Of Haryana Azad Hind Fouj)[1]


  • Water Supply
  • Schools

Senior Secondary School

High School

  • Anganwadi
  • Maternity home
  • Bank Facilities

Haryana Kshatriya Gramin Bank

  • Post-Office


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