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Joey Kramer

Joseph Michael "Joey" Kramer (born June 21, 1950, The Bronx, New York City, United States) is the drummer for the American hard rock band Aerosmith.

Kramer's book, Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top, about his career and struggles with depression, was released on June 30, 2009.[1]

Joey married his girlfriend Linda in 2009. They currently reside in Marshfield, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas.

A powerful drummer, Joey has been known to amuse concertgoers during his drum solos by striking the drums with his arms, legs, toes, elbows and even his forehead.

He made a guest appearance in the 22nd season of The Simpsons in the episode The Ned-Liest Catch as a former partner of Bart's teacher Mrs. Krabappel, as told in the 3rd season episode Flaming Moe's, which featured the whole of Aerosmith, the first band to guest star on the show.

In June 2011, Joey did a fan Q&A and said that he liked outside writers because he does not care about it as long as it's all 5 members playing.


Aerosmith Songs Written

The following Aerosmith songs have a writing credit given to Joey Kramer

  1. "Pandora's Box" from Get Your Wings
  2. "Kings and Queens (Aerosmith song)" from Draw the Line
  3. "The Hand That Feeds" from Draw The Line
  4. "The Hop" from Done With Mirrors
  5. "The Movie" from Permanent Vacation"
  6. "Beautiful" from Music From Another Dimension!
  7. "Love Her A Lot" from Music From Another Dimension!
  8. "Closer" from Music From Another Dimension!


Joey uses Zildjian cymbals and sticks, Ludwig drums and Remo heads.


Joey Kramer Signature kit in Orange Sparkle Laquer with White Powder-Coated hardware

  • 14" X 24" Bass drum
  • 9" X 13" Tom
  • 16" X 16" Floor tom
  • 16" X 18" Floor tom
  • 6.5" X 14" Joey Kramer Signature Snare drum


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