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Hurumlandet is a peninsula between Oslofjord and Drammenfjord

Hurumlandet is a peninsula in Buskerud county, Norway. It is situated west of the Oslofjord and east of the Drammensfjord. It comprises the municipalities R yken and Hurum. Hurumlandet is located south of Asker. It is connected to Follo through the subsea Oslofjord Tunnel. Before 1990, Hurumlandet was the planned location for the new Oslo Airport. Ultimately, the airport was allocated to Gardermoen.[1]



Since the Middle Ages, Hurumlandet was a strategic headland at the entrance to the country's capital. Militarily the peninsula has been of great importance and fortifications date since the Middle Ages. West at the Drammenfjord are fortifications from the 1890s.


The bedrock is very varied with the remains of an ancient volcano in the central and Ersvika and a lot of red granite in key areas. Hurum municipality consists mostly of granite deposits in the west and center parties, with deposits of shale and sandstone in a belt in the south and east. In the south there are also some limestone and a raised section of Ordovician, and started rock and quartzite parties.

Nature preserves

Hurum country has a disproportionate number of protected natural areas, due to the very rich and diverse biology on the peninsula. Hurum country has coastal coniferous forest and a rich fauna, particularly on the Toft islets. Wildlife includes moose, osprey, cormorant and eider.

In the south there are eight conservation areas - Holtnesdalen Nature Reserve, Solfjell sene Nature Reserve (limestone habitats), Haraldsfjellet Nature Reserve (limestone habitats), Sandbukta- stnestangen Nature Reserve (vegetation), Ersvikskj r Nature Reserve (bird), Tofteskogen Nature Reserve (forest), Ranvikholmen Nature Reserve (plant) and Tofteholmen Nature Reserve (plant). Further to the northeast lies Storskj r Nature Reserve outside S tre.


File:Holtnesdalen01.jpg| Holtnesdalen Nature Reserve File:Ersvika08.jpg| Ersvikskj r Nature Reserve File:Sandbukta Hurum 02.jpg |Sandbukta- stnestangen Nature Reserv File:Ramvikholmen 01.jpg| Ranvikholmen Nature Reserve File:Tofteholmen.JPG|Tofteholmen Nature Reserve


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