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Hot dog bun

A hot dog bun is a type of soft bun shaped specifically to contain a hot dog. The original purpose of this food was to make it possible to eat hot dogs without burning ones hands.[1]

There are two basic types: top-loading (also known as Frankfurter rolls) New England Style Rolls or Lobster Buns in some areas, and side-loading, common in the rest of the United States also called American Style Buns. The advantages to a top loader are that it holds the hot dog securely and fits nicely into little three-sided paper boxes. Top loaders are generally baked side by side and torn apart as needed, leaving a flat side surface for grilling.

Side loaders are much more doughy because they are baked as a pack and not individually produced and cut like top loading buns are.


The history of the hot dog bun is well disputed. Some people believe that it functions as a sandwich which was originally invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu in 1762. Some think that the hot dog bun came as a natural adaption to the hotdog which was invented by German immigrants in the 1800s.[2] In the United States, the hot dog bun's long historical mark is thought by some historians to begin with the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The Bavarian concessionaire, Anton Feuchtwange, was giving out gloves to hold sausages in the 1904 exposition to his customers. When the gloves he loaned out were not being returned, the man asked his brother who was a baker to invent a solution. Thus, the hot dog bun was born.[3]

Regional variations

The New England style bun is ideal for grilling which adds a wonderful toasty crispness to the hot dog experience. It's also ideal for a variety of other uses such as with tuna salad, chicken salad and of course, lobster or seafood salad.

In Chicago, Illinois, where poppy-seed buns are popularly served with Chicago-style hot dogs, the buns are made with high-gluten flour to hold up to steaming.[4]


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