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Hitokiri (film)

is a 1969 Japanese samurai film directed by Hideo Gosha set during the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. It is notable for starring the famous author Yukio Mishima.[1]



Okada Izo is a ronin born into poverty who joins the Tosa loyalists, a group headed by Hanpeita Takechi. Izo soon becomes a well known and successful killer, and he is stubbornly loyal to Takechi. However, Ryoma Sakamoto warns him that he is merely "Takechi's dog" and that Takechi will end up betraying him. As Takechi becomes more and more determined to succeed, it becomes necessary to sacrifice Izo, which he does by having him arrested and later trying to poison him. Izo, disillusioned, confesses to his murders for the Tosa Loyalists, and he is condemned to Crucifixion. Before being killed, he is told that Takechi will be forced to commit seppuku.[2]



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