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Hideo Gosha

was a Japanese film director.

Among his most famous films are Goyokin and Hitokiri, released in 1969, and The Wolves, released in 1971. His most famous film in the West is Sword of the Beast, released by Criterion.

Gosha's films are some of the darkest films from the samurai genre.

He won the 1984 Japan Academy Prize for Director of the Year for The Geisha.[1]


  • 1964 Three Outlaw Samurai
  • 1965 Sword of the Beast
  • 1966 Cash Calls Hell
  • 1966 The Secret of the Urn
  • 1966 Samurai Wolf
  • 1967 Samurai Wolf II
  • 1969 Goyokin
  • 1969 Hitokiri
  • 1971 The Wolves
  • 1974 Violent Streets
  • 1978 Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron
  • 1979 Hunter in the Darkness
  • 1982 Onimasa
  • 1983 The Geisha
  • 1984 Fireflies in the North
  • 1985 Oar/Kai
  • 1985 Tracked/Usugesho
  • 1986 Death Shadow
  • 1986 The Yakusa Wives
  • 1987 Tokyo Bordello
  • 1988 Carmen 1945
  • 1989 226/Four Days of Snow and Blood
  • 1991 Kagero
  • 1992 The Oil-Hell Murder


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