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Hermanspann Chinook

The Hermanspann Chinook is an American mid-wing, two-seat, experimental research glider that was designed and constructed by Fred Hermanspann and Art Penz.[1][2]


Design and development

The Chinook and its improved variant, the Chinook S, have been used to study the effect of rain on airfoils and also stall dynamics.[1]

The aircraft is predominantly made from aluminium with the cockpit area made from fiberglass. Its span high aspect ratio wing employs a Wortmann FX67-K-170/17 airfoil. Glidepath control is via hydraulically operated trailing edge flaps that deflect 90°. The landing gear is a hydraulically retractable monowheel. The vertical stabilizer is highly swept.[1][3]

Only one Chinook was constructed and it was registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration in the Experimental - Amateur-built category.[1][2]

Operational history

In August 2011 the Chinook was still registered with the FAA to Hermanspann.[2]


Original configuration, first flown in 1993.[1][2]
Chinook S
Improved configuration, first flown in 1996.[1]

Specifications (Chinook S)

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