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Gould Electronics

Gould Electronics Inc. -- founded in 1884 and based in Chandler, Arizona -- is a company involved in the electronics and semiconductor industries. They make printed circuit materials for use by electronics manufacturers. Having acquired Systems Engineering Laboratories Gould became involved in the Superminicomputer computer business. Gould's non-defense businesses were acquired in 1988 by Nippon Mining, now Japan Energy Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company.

From 1977 to the mid 1980s the company owned the Modicon brand of programmable logic controller that is now owned by Schneider Electric. This was in a phase where the company became a mini-conglomerate.

Gould is the current owner of a lead-contaminated parcel of land in Throop, Pennsylvania, which it bought in the early 1980s from the former Marjol Battery and Equipment Company.

Noted Products

The Computer Generated Imagery for the title credits of the 80's television show Amazing Stories was created using a Gould 9080 computer.

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