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Fresselines is a commune in the Creuse department in the Limousin region in central France.



A tourism and farming village situated some northwest of Gu ret, at the junction of the D76 and the D44 roads, where the river Petite Creuse joins the Creuse.



  • The church of St.Julien, dating from the twelfth century.
  • The two 15th-century ch teaux of Puyguillon and Vervix
  • Two 15th-century chapels.


  • Maurice Rollinat (1846 1903), poet, lived here.
  • Gustave Geffroy, (1855 1926), writer, lived here.
  • Claude Monet, painter, spent much time here.

La Petite Creuse by Monet
La Petite Creuse by Monet

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  • Communes of the Creuse department


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