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Free travel pass

A free travel pass is the privilege of a certain class of passengers to use a public transport service without paying a fare or presenting a ticket. They may need to present an identification card.


Types of passenger

The following types of passenger sometimes receive free travel on transport services:

  • Students
  • The elderly
  • The disabled
  • Children under 6 years old
  • System employees and their dependents


Free travel for various types of passenger may be funded by:

  • national, regional or local governments, through taxation
  • cross subsidy from other passengers
  • employers for their staff (job tickets)
  • schools or universities, through their students' fees or education funding

List of examples

  • Canberra, Australia - Free public transport for everyone 75 years and over.
  • England
    • In Manchester, The Oxford Road Link (Bus route 147) offers free travel for part of the route (between Manchester University and MMU campuses) for university students and staff.
    • Nationwide travel provided by the DfT for over-60s and eligible disabled people between 09:30-23:00 weekdays and all day weekends under the English National Concessionary Bus Travel Scheme.
  • San Diego, California - employees of the Metropolitan Transit System ride free on all scheduled routes (with ID).
  • Zagreb, Croatia - Free public transport for all students, unemployed persons, disabled persons (more than 70%), blood donors and everyone over 65 years
  • Other major cities of former Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Ni , Osijek, Split, etc.) - free use of buses and trams for everyone over 65 (in some cities 70) years

See also

  • zero-fare public transport


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