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FBLN1 is the gene encoding fibulin-1, an extracellular matrix and plasma protein.[1][2][3]



Fibulin-1 is a secreted glycoprotein that is found in association with extracellular matrix structures including fibronectin-containing fibers, elastin-containing fibers and basement membranes. Fibulin-1 binds to a number of extracellular matrix constituents including fibronectin,[3] nidogen-1, and the proteoglycan, versican.[3][4] Fibulin-1 is also a blood protein capable of binding to fibrinogen.[5]


Fibulin-1 has modular domain structure and includes a series of nine epidermal growth factor-like modules followed by a fibulin-type module, a module found in all members of the fibulin gene family.[2]

The human fibulin-1 gene, FBLN1, encodes four splice variants designated fibulin-1A, B, C and D, which differ in their carboxy terminal regions. In mouse, chicken and the nematode, C. elegans, only two fibulin-1 variants are produced, fibulin-1C and fibulin-1D.[1]


FBLN1 has been shown to interact with entactin,[6][7][8] NOV/CCN3,[9] amyloid precursor protein,[10] fibrinogen,[5] and fibronectin.[11]

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