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International E-road network
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International E-road network

E-Road Network over 1990 borders

The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The network is numbered from E 1 up and its roads cross national borders. It also reaches Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, since they are members of the UNECE.

In most countries, roads carry the European route designation beside national road numbers. Other countries like Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have roads with exclusive European route signage (Examples: E 18 and E 6) while at the other end of the scale, British road signage legislation does not make provision to signpost E-route numbers.

Other continents have similar international road networks: e.g. the Pan-American Highway in the Americas, the Trans-African Highway network, and the Asian Highway Network.



UNECE was formed in 1947, and their first major act to improve transportation was a joint UN declaration no. 1264, the Declaration on the Construction of Main International Traffic Arteries,[1] [2] signed in Geneva on September 16, 1950, which defined the first E-road network. This declaration was amended several times before November 15, 1975, when it was replaced by the European Agreement on Main International Traffic Arteries or "AGR",[3] which set up a route numbering system and improved standards for roads in the list. The AGR last went through a major change in 1992, but there were several minor revisions since, last in 2008 (as of 2009).

Numbering system

E 40]]. E 451]] near Frankfurt Airport The route numbering system is as follows:[3]

  • Reference roads and intermediate roads, called Class-A roads, have two-digit numbers, or numbers 101-129. They are either odd-numbered, going north-south, ordered with E1 in the west. Or they are even-numbered, going west-east, ordered with the lowest in the north. There are exceptions.
  • Branch, link and connecting roads, called Class-B roads, have three-digit numbers.
  • Reference roads are roads numbered 5-95 ending with 0 or 5 or having odd numbers 101-129. They generally go across Europe and are usually several thousand kilometres long.
    • North-south reference roads have two-digit numbers terminating in the figure 5 (or odd 101-129) and increasing from west to east.
    • East-west reference roads have two-digit numbers terminating in the figure 0 and increasing from north to south.
  • Intermediate roads are two-digit roads that are not reference roads. They are usually considerably shorter than the reference roads. They have two-digit odd (north-south) or two-digit even (west-east) numbers between the numbers of the reference roads between which they are located.
  • Class-B roads have three-digit numbers, the first digit being that of the nearest reference road to the north, the second digit being that of the nearest reference road to the west, and the third digit being a serial number.
  • North-south Class-A roads located eastwards of road E 99 have three-digit odd numbers from 101 to 129. Other rules for Class-A roads above apply to these roads.
  • Class-B roads located eastwards of E 101 have 3-digit numbers beginning with 0, from 001 to 099.


In the first established and approved version, the road numbers were well ordered. Since then a number of exceptions to this principle have been allowed.

Two Class-A roads, namely E 47 and E 55, have been allowed to retain their pre-1992 numbers, E 6 and E 4 respectively, within Sweden and Norway. These exceptions were granted because of the excessive expense connected with re-signing not only the long routes themselves, but also the associated road network in the area, since Sweden and Norway have integrated the E-roads into their national networks and they are signposted as any other national route. These roads maintain their new numbers from Denmark and southward, though, as do other European routes within Scandinavia.

Further exceptions are E 67, going from Estonia to Poland (wrong side of E 75 and E 77), assigned around year 2000, simply because it was best available number for this new route, most of E 63 in Finland (wrong side of E 75) E 8 in Finland (partly on the wrong side of E 12 after a lengthening around 2002) and E 82 (Spain and Portugal, wrong side of E 80). These irregularities exist just because it is hard to maintain good order when extending the network, and the UNECE does not want to change road numbers unnecessarily.

Because the Socialist People's Republic of Albania refused to participate in international treaties such as the AGR, it was conspicuously excluded from the route scheme, with E 65 and E 90 making noticeable detours to go around it. In the 1990s, Albania opened up to the rest of Europe, but only ratified the AGR in August 2006, so its integration into the E-road network remains weak.


Where the European routes are signed, green signs with white numbers are used. The E 201 in Ireland.

There are different strategies for determining how frequently to signpost the roads.

  • Sweden, Norway and Denmark have integrated the E-road numbers into their networks, meaning that the roads usually have no other national number.
  • In Belgium, E-numbers are associated with motorways: for those, only the E-number is signposted, while for non-motorways only the national number (if any) is shown. Serbia has a similar principle.
  • In most of the countries the E-roads form a network on top of the national network. The green signs are frequent enough to show how to follow the roads, but do not usually show how to reach them.
  • In some countries, like Croatia, E-roads are well signposted, but they sometimes follow the old state routes instead of highways. State highways are signposted best.
  • In some countries, like Germany and Italy, E-roads are poorly signposted, making it difficult to follow them. Drivers have to use the national network.
  • In Ireland the signposting of E-roads is specified in Chapter 2 of the 2010 Traffic Signs Manual published by the Department of Transport, and specifies that E-roads are to be signed on route confirmation signs only. The first E-road numbers were signed in July 2007 on the N11 bypass in Gorey. Since then they have gradually spread across the E-road network in the Republic of Ireland.
  • In a few countries, such as the United Kingdom[4] and Uzbekistan, the E-roads are not signposted at all.

Road design standards

The following design standards should be applied to Euroroutes unless there are exceptional circumstances (such as mountain passes etc.):[3]

  • Built-up areas shall be by-passed if they constitute a hindrance or a danger.
  • The roads should preferably be motorways or express roads (unless traffic density is low so that there is no congestion on an ordinary road).
  • They should be homogeneous and be designed for at least 80 km/h (very exceptionally 60 km/h). Motorways for at least 100 km/h.
  • Gradients should not exceed 8% on roads designed for 60 km/h, decreasing to 4% on roads designed for 120 km/h traffic.
  • The radius of curved sections of road should be a minimum of 120 m on roads designed for 60 km/h rising to 1000 m on roads designed for 140 km/h.
  • "Stopping distance visibility" should be at least 70 m on roads designed for 60 km/h, rising to 300 m on roads designed for 140 km/h.
  • Lane width should be at least 3.5 m on straight sections of road. This guarantees adequate clearance for any vehicle having a superstructure of width 2.55 m which is the maximum specified in EU directive 96/53/EC.,[5] and 2.6 m specified by some countries.
  • The shoulder is recommended to be at least 2.5 m on ordinary roads and 3.25 m on motorways.
  • Central reservations should be at least 3 m unless there is a barrier between the two carriageways.
  • Overhead clearance should be not less than 4.5 m.
  • Railway intersections should be at different levels.

These requirements are meant to be followed for road construction. When new E-roads have been added these requirements have not been followed stringently. For example the E 45 in Sweden, added in 2006, has long parts with width or the E 22 in eastern Europe forcing drivers to slow down to 30 km/h by taking the route through villages. In Norway, parts of the E 10 are wide and in Central Asia some gravel roads have even been included.

Notes to the listings

In the road listings [3] below, a dash (' ') indicates a land road connection between two towns/cities the normal case while an ellipsis (three dots, ' ') denotes a stretch across water. There are not ferry connections at all these places. Usually the international ferry connections are operated by commercial companies without support or contracts with any government to operate them. This means existing lines can be cancelled.

A Class roads

Georgia]], Armenia, Azerbaijan The E-road network in Belgium The E-road network in Bulgaria Main and E-roads in Estonia]] The E-road network in Finland The E-road network in Germany Georgia]] The E-road network in the Netherlands The E-road network in Poland The E-road network in Romania The E-road network in Turkey Ireland]] Ukraine's E-road Network]] The E-road network in Belarus

North-South reference

  • link=European route E05 : Greenock Glasgow Preston Birmingham Southampton Le Havre Paris Orl ans Bordeaux San Sebasti n Burgos - Madrid Seville Algeciras
  • link=European route E15 - : Inverness Perth Edinburgh Newcastle London Folkestone Dover Calais Paris Lyon Orange Narbonne Girona Barcelona Tarragona Castell n de la Plana Valencia Alicante Murcia Almer a M laga Algeciras
  • link=European route E25 - : Hook of Holland Rotterdam Eindhoven Maastricht Li ge Bastogne Arlon Luxembourg Metz Saint-Avold Strasbourg Mulhouse Basel Olten Bern Lausanne Geneva Mont Blanc Aosta Ivrea Vercelli Alessandria Genoa Bastia Porto-Vecchio Bonifacio Porto Torres Sassari Cagliari Palermo
  • link=European route E35 : Amsterdam Utrecht Arnhem Emmerich Oberhausen Cologne Frankfurt am Main Heidelberg Karlsruhe Offenburg Basel Olten Lucerne Altdorf Gotthard Pass Bellinzona Lugano Chiasso Como Milan Piacenza Parma Modena Florence Rome
  • link=European route E45 - : Karesuvanto - Karesuando - Arvidsjaur - stersund - Mora - S ffle - Gothenburg Frederikshavn Aalborg Aarhus Vejle Kolding Flensburg Hamburg Hanover G ttingen Kassel Fulda W rzburg Nuremberg Munich Rosenheim W rgl Innsbruck Brenner Fortezza Bolzano Trento Verona Modena Bologna Cesena Perugia Fiano Romano Naples Salerno Sicignano degli Alburni Cosenza Villa San Giovanni Messina Catania Siracusa Rosolini - Gela
  • link=European route E55 - : Helsingborg Helsing r Copenhagen K ge Vordingborg Far Nyk bing Falster Gedser Rostock Berlin L bbenau Dresden st nad Labem Prague T bor Linz Salzburg Villach Tarvisio Udine Palmanova Mestre Ravenna Cesena Rimini Fano Ancona Pescara Canosa di Puglia Bari Brindisi Igoumenitsa Preveza Rhion Patras Pyrgos Kalamata (See also E 4 below.)
  • link=European route E65 - : Malm Ystad winouj cie Wolin Goleni w Szczecin Gorz w Wielkopolski wiebodzin Zielona G ra Legnica Jelenia G ra Harrachov elezn Brod Turnov Mlad Boleslav Prague Jihlava Brno Bratislava Rajka Csorna Szombathely Zalaegerszeg Nagykanizsa Letenye Zagreb Karlovac Rijeka Split Dubrovnik Petrovac Podgorica Bijelo Polje Pristina Skopje Ki evo Ohrid - Bitola Niki Vevi Kozani Larissa Domokos Lamia Bralos Itea Antirrio Rhion Aigio Corinth Tripoli Kalamata Kissamos Chania
  • link=European route E75 - : Vard Vads Varangerbotn Utsjoki Inari Ivalo Sodankyl Rovaniemi Kemi Oulu Jyv skyl Heinola Lahti Helsinki Gda sk wiecie d Cz stochowa Katowice ilina Bratislava Gy r Budapest Szeged Subotica - Novi Sad - Belgrade Ni Kumanovo Skopje Veles - Gevgelija Evzoni - Thessaloniki Katerini - Larissa Lamia Athens Chania Heraklion Agios Nikolaos Sitia
  • link=European route E85 - : Klaip da Kaunas Vilnius Lida Slonim Kobryn Dubno Ternopil Chernivtsi Siret Suceava Roman Urziceni Bucharest Giurgiu Ruse Byala Veliko Tarnovo Stara Zagora Haskovo Svilengrad Ormenio Kastanies Didymoteicho Alexandroupoli
  • link=European route E95 - : Saint Petersburg Pskov Gomel Kiev Odessa Samsun Merzifon
  • link=European route E101 - : Moscow Kaluga Bryansk Hlukhiv Kiev
  • link=European route E105 - : Kirkenes Murmansk Petrozavodsk Saint Petersburg Moscow Tula Orel Kharkiv Simferopol Alushta Yalta
  • link=European route E115 - : Yaroslavl Moscow Voronezh Novorossiysk
  • link=European route E117 - : Mineralnye Vody Nalchik Vladikavkaz Stepantsminda - Mtskheta - Tbilisi Marneuli - Bolnisi - Yerevan Goris Megri
  • link=European route E119 - : Moscow Tambov Povorino Volgograd Astrakhan Makhachkala Kuba Baku Alyat Astara
  • link=European route E121 - : Samara Oral Atyrau Beineu Shetpe Zhetybai Fetisovo Bekdash T rkmenba y Gyzylarbat Border of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • link=European route E123 - : Chelyabinsk Kostanay Esil Derzhavinsk Arkalyk Jezkazgan Kyzylorda Shymkent Tashkent Ayni Dushanbe Panji Poyon
  • link=European route E125 - : Ishim Astana Karaganda Balkhash Burubaytal Almaty Bishkek Naryn Torugart Pass
  • link=European route E127 - : Omsk Pavlodar Semey Georgiyevka Maikapshagai

West-East reference

  • link=European route E10 - : Svolv r L dingen Evenes Narvik Kiruna T re Lule
  • link=European route E20 - : Shannon Limerick Dublin Liverpool Manchester Leeds Kingston upon Hull Esbjerg Copenhagen Malm Helsingborg Halmstad Gothenburg rebro Stockholm Tallinn Narva Saint Petersburg
  • link=European route E30 - : Cork Waterford Wexford Rosslare Fishguard Swansea Bridgend - Cardiff Newport Bristol London Colchester Ipswich Felixstowe Hook of Holland The Hague Gouda Utrecht Amersfoort Oldenzaal Osnabr ck Bad Oeynhausen Hanover Braunschweig Magdeburg Berlin wiebodzin Pozna Warsaw Brest Minsk Smolensk Moscow Ryazan Penza Samara Ufa Chelyabinsk Kurgan Ishim Omsk
  • link=European route E40 - : Calais Bruges Ghent Brussels Leuven - Li ge - Eupen Aachen Cologne Olpe Wetzlar Gie en - Bad Hersfeld - Eisenach Erfurt Gera Chemnitz Dresden G rlitz Legnica Wroc aw Opole Gliwice Zabrze - Katowice Krak w Rzesz w Jaros aw Korczowa Lviv Rivne Zhytomyr Kiev Kharkiv Luhansk Volgograd Astrakhan Atyrau Beyneu Qo ng irot Nukus Da oguz Bukhara Navoiy Samarkand Jizzakh Tashkent Shymkent Zhambyl Bishkek Almaty Sary-Ozek Taldykorgan Ucharal Taskesken Ayagoz Georgiyevka Oskemen Ridder
  • link=European route E50 - : Brest Rennes Le Mans Paris Reims Metz Saarbr cken Mannheim Heilbronn Nuremberg Rozvadov Plze Prague Jihlava Brno Tren n Pre ov Ko ice Vy n Nemeck Uzhhorod Mukachevo Stryj Ternopil Khmelnytskyi Vinnytsia Uman Kirovohrad Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk Rostov-on-Don Armavir Mineralnye Vody Makhachkala...also known as "Via Caroli"
  • link=European route E60 - : Brest Lorient Vannes Nantes Angers Tours Orl ans Montargis Auxerre Beaune Dole Besan on Belfort Mulhouse Basel Z rich Winterthur St. Gallen St. Margrethen Bregenz Feldkirch Landeck Telfs Innsbruck Lauterach Feldkirch Imst Innsbruck W rgl Rosenheim Bad Reichenhall Salzburg Sattledt Linz Sankt P lten Vienna Nickelsdorf Mosonmagyar v r Budapest Szolnok P sp klad ny Oradea Cluj-Napoca Turda T rgu Mure Bra ov Ploie ti Bucharest Urziceni Slobozia H r ova Constan a - Agigea Poti Senaki - Samtredia - Kutaisi Khashuri Gori Tbilisi Rustavi Ganja Yevlakh Baku T rkmenba y Gyzylarbat Ashgabat Tejen Mary T rkmenabat Alat Bukhara Karshi Guzar Sherobod Termez Dushanbe Jirgatal Sary Tash Irkeshtam
  • link=European route E70 - : A Coru a Bilbao San Sebasti n Bordeaux Clermont-Ferrand Lyon Chamb ry Susa Turin Alessandria Tortona Brescia Verona Mestre Palmanova Trieste Postojna Ljubljana Zagreb Slavonski Brod Belgrade Vr ac Timi oara Drobeta-Turnu Severin Craiova Alexandria Bucharest Giurgiu Ruse Razgrad Shumen Varna Samsun Ordu Giresun Trabzon Batumi Poti
  • link=European route E80 - : Lisbon Valladolid Burgos - San Sebasti n Toulouse Nice Genoa Rome Pescara Dubrovnik Podgorica - Pristina Ni - Sofia Plovdiv - Istanbul zmit Gerede Amasya Erzurum G rbulak Iran
  • link=European route E90 : Lisbon Madrid Barcelona Mazara del Vallo Palermo Messina Reggio Calabria Metaponto Taranto Brindisi Igoumenitsa Ioannina - Kozani Thessaloniki Alexandroupoli Gelibolu Lapseki Bursa Ankara Adana Nusaybin Khabur River Iraq

North-South intermediate

  • link=European route E01 - : Larne Belfast - Newry - Dundalk - Drogheda Dublin Rosslare A Coru a Pontevedra Vigo Valen a Porto - Lisbon - Albufeira - Castro Marim Huelva Seville
  • link=European route E03 - : Cherbourg-Octeville La Rochelle
  • link=European route E6 : Trelleborg Malm Helsingborg Halmstad Gothenburg Oslo Hamar Lillehammer Domb s Trondheim Stj rdal Steinkjer Mosj en Mo i Rana Rognan Fauske Ballangen Narvik Setermoen Alta Olderfjord Lakselv Karasjok Varangerbotn Kirkenes (exception to the rule - see above)
  • link=European route E07 : Pau, Pyr n es-Atlantiques Jaca Zaragoza
  • link=European route E09 : Orl ans Toulouse Barcelona
  • link=European route E11 : Vierzon Montlu on Clermont-Ferrand Montpellier
  • link=European route E13 : Doncaster Sheffield Nottingham Leicester Northampton London
  • link=European route E17 : Antwerp Beaune
  • link=European route E19 : Amsterdam Brussels Paris
  • link=European route E21 : Metz Geneva
  • link=European route E23 : Metz Lausanne
  • link=European route E27 : Belfort Bern Martigny Aosta
  • link=European route E29 : Cologne Sarreguemines E 25 (towards Strasbourg)
  • link=European route E31 - Rotterdam Ludwigshafen
  • link=European route E33 : Parma La Spezia
  • link=European route E37 : Bremen Cologne
  • link=European route E39 : Trondheim Orkanger Vinje ra Halsa Straumsnes Kristiansund Mainland Connection Batnfjords ra Molde Vestnes Skodje lesund Volda Nordfjordeid Sandane F rde Lavik Instefjord Knarvik Bergen Os Stord Sveio Aksdal Bokn Rennes y Randaberg Stavanger Sandnes Helleland Flekkefjord Lyngdal Mandal Kristiansand Hirtshals Hj rring N rresundby Aalborg
  • link=European route E41 : Dortmund Wetzlar Aschaffenburg W rzburg Stuttgart Schaffhausen Winterthur Z rich Altdorf
  • link=European route E43 : W rzburg Ulm Lindau Bregenz St. Margrethen Buchs Chur San Bernardino Bellinzona
  • link=European route E47 : Helsingborg Helsing r Copenhagen K ge Vordingborg Far R dby Puttgarden Oldenburg in Holstein L beck (See also E 06 below.)
  • link=European route E49 : Magdeburg Halle Plauen Sch nberg Vojtanov Cheb - Karlovy Vary Plze esk Bud jovice Hal mky Vienna
  • link=European route E51 : Berlin Leipzig Gera Hirschberg Hof Bayreuth Nuremberg
  • link=European route E53 : Plze Bayerisch Eisenstein Deggendorf Munich
  • link=European route E57 : Sattledt Liezen Sankt Michael Graz Maribor Ljubljana
  • link=European route E59 : Prague Jihlava Vienna Graz Spielfeld Maribor Zagreb
  • link=European route E61 : Villach Karavanke Tunnel Naklo Ljubljana Trieste Rijeka
  • link=European route E63 : Sodankyl Kemij rvi - Posio Kuusamo Kajaani Iisalmi Kuopio Jyv skyl Tampere Turku
  • link=European route E67 : Helsinki Tallinn Riga Kaunas Warsaw Piotrk w Trybunalski Wroc aw K odzko Kudowa-Zdr j N chod Hradec Kr lov Prague; also known as the Via Baltica
  • link=European route E69 : Nordkapp (North Cape) Olderfjord
  • link=European route E71 : Ko ice Miskolc Budapest Balatonvil gos Nagykanizsa Zagreb Karlovac Knin Split
  • link=European route E73 : Budapest Szeksz rd Moh cs Osijek akovo amac Zenica Sarajevo - Mostar Metkovi
  • link=European route E77 : Pskov Riga iauliai Tolpaki Kaliningrad Gda sk Elbl g Warsaw Radom Krak w Trsten Ru omberok Zvolen Budapest
  • link=European route E79 : Miskolc Debrecen Beretty jfalu Oradea Beiu Deva Petro ani T rgu Jiu Craiova Calafat Vidin Vraca Botevgrad Sofia Blagoevgrad Serres Thessaloniki
  • link=European route E81 : Mukachevo Halmeu Satu Mare Zal u Cluj-Napoca Turda Sebe Sibiu Pite ti Bucharest - Constan a
  • link=European route E83 : Byala Pleven Jablanica Botevgrad Sofia
  • link=European route E87 : Odessa Izmail Reni Gala i Tulcea Constan a Varna Burgas Malko Tarnovo Derek y K rklareli Babaeski Havsa Ke an Gelibolu Ayval k zmir Sel uk Ayd n Denizli Ac payam Korkuteli Antalya
  • link=European route E89 : Gerede K z lcahamam Ankara
  • link=European route E91 : Toprakkale skenderun Antakya Yaylada Syria
  • link=European route E97 : Kherson Dzhankoy Novorossiysk Sochi Sokhumi Zugdidi - Senaki
  • link=European route E99 anl urfa - Diyarbak r - Bitlis - Do ubeyazit - I dir - Dilucu - Sadarak

West-East intermediate

  • E 02 Route number not used
  • link=European route E4 : Helsingborg J nk ping Link ping Norrk ping S dert lje Stockholm Uppsala Sundsvall rnsk ldsvik Ume Lule Haparanda Tornio
  • link=European route E8 : Troms Nordkjosbotn Skibotn Kilpisj rvi Kolari Tornio Kemi Oulu Kokkola Vaasa Pori Turku
  • link=European route E12 : Mo i Rana Ume Vaasa Tampere H meenlinna Helsinki
  • link=European route E14 : Trondheim stersund Sundsvall
  • link=European route E16 : Derry Belfast Glasgow Edinburgh Bergen Arna Voss - L rdal Tyin Fagernes H nefoss Sandvika Oslo
  • link=European route E18 : Craigavon Belfast Larne Stranraer Gretna Carlisle Newcastle Kristiansand Arendal Porsgrunn Larvik Sandefjord Horten Drammen Oslo Askim Karlstad rebro V ster s Stockholm/Kapellsk r Mariehamn Turku/Naantali Helsinki Kotka Vaalimaa Vyborg Saint Petersburg
  • link=European route E22 : Holyhead Chester Warrington Manchester Leeds Doncaster Immingham Amsterdam Groningen Bremen Hamburg L beck Rostock Sassnitz Trelleborg Malm Kalmar Norrk ping Ventspils Riga R zekne Velikiye Luki Moscow Vladimir Nizhny Novgorod Kazan Yelabuga Perm (Asia) Yekaterinburg Tyumen Ishim
  • link=European route E24 : Birmingham Cambridge Ipswich
  • link=European route E26 : Hamburg Berlin
  • link=European route E28 : Berlin Szczecin Goleni w Koszalin S upsk - Gdynia - Gda sk Kaliningrad Tolpaki Nesterov Marijampol Vilnius Minsk
  • link=European route E32 : Colchester Harwich
  • link=European route E34 : Zeebrugge Antwerp Eindhoven Venlo Oberhausen Dortmund Bad Oeynhausen
  • link=European route E36 : Berlin L bbenau Cottbus Legnica
  • link=European route E38 Hlukhiv - Kursk - Voronezh - Saratov - Oral - Aktobe - Karabulak - Aral - Novokazalinsk - Kyzylorda - Shymkent
  • link=European route E42 : Dunkirk Lille Mons Charleroi Namur Li ge St. Vith Wittlich Bingen Wiesbaden Frankfurt am Main Aschaffenburg
  • link=European route E44 : Le Havre Amiens Charleville-M zi res Luxembourg Trier Koblenz Wetzlar Gie en
  • link=European route E46 : Cherbourg-Octeville Caen Rouen Reims Charleville-M zi res Li ge
  • link=European route E48 : Schweinfurt Bayreuth Marktredwitz Cheb Karlovy Vary Prague
  • link=European route E52 : Strasbourg Appenweier Karlsruhe Stuttgart Ulm Munich Salzburg
  • link=European route E54 : Paris Chaumont Mulhouse Basel Waldshut Lindau Munich
  • link=European route E56 : Nuremberg Regensburg Passau Wels Sattledt
  • link=European route E58 : Vienna Bratislava Zvolen Ko ice Uzhhorod Mukachevo Halmeu Suceava Ia i Sculeni Chi in u Odessa Mykolaiv Kherson Melitopol Taganrog Rostov-on-Don
  • link=European route E62 : Nantes Poitiers M con Geneva Lausanne Martigny Sion Simplon Gravellona Toce Milan Tortona Genoa
  • link=European route E64 : Turin Milan Brescia
  • link=European route E66 : Fortezza Innichen Spittal an der Drau Villach Klagenfurt Graz Veszpr m Sz kesfeh rv r
  • link=European route E68 : Szeged Arad Deva Sibiu Bra ov
  • link=European route E69 - : Olderfjord - North Cape
  • link=European route E72 : Bordeaux Toulouse
  • link=European route E74 : Nice Cuneo Asti Alessandria
  • link=European route E76 : Pisa - Migliarino Florence
  • link=European route E78 : Grosseto Arezzo Sansepolcro Fano
  • link=European route E82 : Porto Vila Real Bragan a Zamora Tordesillas
  • link=European route E84 : Ke an Tekirda Silivri
  • link=European route E86 : Krystallopigi Florina V vi G fira
  • link=European route E88 - : Ankara Yozgat Sivas Refahiye
  • link=European route E92 ): Igoumenitsa Ioannina Trikala Larissa - Volos
  • link=European route E94 : Corinth Megara Attiki Odos (Elefsina - Athens Suburbs - Markopoulo Mesogeas).
  • link=European route E96 : zmir Usak Afyonkarahisar Sivrihisar
  • link=European route E98 : Topbo azi K r khan Reyhanl Cilveg z Syria

B Class roads

  • link=European route E001 Tbilisi Marneuli Sadakhlo - Bagratashen - Vanadzor
  • link=European route E002 Alyat - Saatly Rayon - Megri - Ordubad - Julfa - Nakhchivan Sadarak
  • link=European route E003 Uchkuduk Da oguz Ashgabat Gaudan
  • link=European route E004 Kyzylorda Uchkuduk Bukhara
  • link=European route E005 Guza Samarkand
  • link=European route E006 Ayni Kokand
  • link=European route E007 Tashkent Kokand Andijan Osh Irkeshtam
  • link=European route E008 Dushanbe - Kulob - Kalaikhumb - Khorugh Murghab - Kulma - border of China (see Pamir Highway)
  • link=European route E009 Jirgatal Khorugh Ishkoshim Lyanga China
  • link=European route E010 Osh Bishkek
  • link=European route E011 Kokpek - Kegen Tyup
  • link=European route E012 Almaty - Kokpek - Chundzha - Koktal - Khorgas
  • link=European route E013 Sary-Ozek Koktal
  • link=European route E014 Usharal Druzhba
  • link=European route E015 Taskesken Bakhty
  • link=European route E016 Zapadnoe - Zhaksy - Atbasar Astana
  • E 017 Yelabuga Ufa
  • E 018 Jezkazgan Karaganda - Pavlodar - Uspenovka
  • E 019 Petropavl Zapadnoe
  • link=European route E134 Haugesund R ldal Haukeli Seljord Kongsberg Drammen
  • 35px - European route E136 lesund Tresfjord ndalsnes Domb s
  • link=European route E201 Cork Portlaoise
  • link=European route E231 Amsterdam Amersfoort
  • link=European route E232 Amersfoort Hoogeveen Groningen
  • link=European route E233 Hoogeveen Hasel nne Cloppenburg
  • link=European route E234 Cuxhaven Bremerhaven Bremen Walsrode
  • link=European route E251 Sassnitz Stralsund Neubrandenburg Berlin
  • link=European route E261 wiecie Pozna Wroc aw
  • link=European route E262 Kaunas Ukmerg Daugavpils R zekne Ostrov
  • link=European route E263 Tallinn Tartu V ru Luhamaa
  • link=European route E264 J hvi Tartu Valga - Valka - Valmiera - Incukalns
  • link=European route E265 Tallinn Keila Paldiski ... Kapellsk r
  • link=European route E271 Minsk Babruysk - Gomel (formerly began Klaip da Kaunas Vilnius)
  • link=European route E272 Klaip da Palanga iauliai Panev ys Ukmerg Vilnius
  • link=European route E311 Breda Gorinchem Utrecht
  • link=European route E312 Flushing Breda Eindhoven
  • link=European route E313 Antwerp Li ge
  • link=European route E314 Leuven Hasselt Heerlen Aachen
  • link=European route E331 Dortmund Kassel
  • link=European route E371 Radom Rzesz w Barwinek Vy n Kom rnik Svidn k Pre ov
  • link=European route E372 Warsaw Lublin Lviv
  • E 373 Lublin Kovel Rivne Kiev
  • E 381 cancelled
  • E 391 Trosna Glukhkov
  • E 401 Saint-Brieuc Caen
  • E 402 Calais Rouen Le Mans
  • E 403 Zeebrugge Bruges Roeselare Kortrijk Tournai
  • E 404 Jabbeke Zeebrugge
  • E 411 Brussels Metz
  • E 420 Nivelles Charleroi Reims
  • E 421 Eynatten - Eupen St. Vith Luxembourg
  • E 422 Trier Saarbr cken
  • E 429 Tournai Halle
  • E 441 Chemnitz Plauen Hof (E 51)
  • E 442 Karlovy Vary Teplice Turnov Hradec Kr lov Olomouc ilina
  • E 451 Gie en Frankfurt am Main Mannheim
  • E 461 Svitavy Brno Vienna
  • E 462 Brno Olomouc esk T n - Katowice Krak w
  • E 471 Mukachevo Lviv
  • E 501 Le Mans Angers
  • E 502 Le Mans Tours
  • E 511 Courtenay Troyes
  • E 512 Remiremont Mulhouse
  • E 531 Offenburg Donaueschingen
  • E 532 Memmingen F ssen
  • E 533 Munich Garmisch-Partenkirchen Mittenwald Seefeld Innsbruck
  • E 551 esk Bud jovice Humpolec
  • E 552 Munich Braunau am Inn Wels Linz
  • E 571 Bratislava Zvolen Ko ice
  • E 572 Tren n iar nad Hronom
  • E 573 P sp klad ny Ny regyh za Chop Uzhhorod
  • E 574 Bac u Bra ov Pite ti Craiova
  • E 575 Bratislava Dunajsk Streda Medve ov V mosszabadi Gy r
  • E 576 Cluj-Napoca Dej (formerly continued Bistri a Suceava)
  • E 577 - Ploie ti - Buz u
  • E 578 S r el Reghin Topli a Gheorgheni Miercurea-Ciuc Sf ntu Gheorghe Chichi
  • E 581 Ti i a Tecuci Albi a Leu eni Chi in u Odessa
  • E 583 S b oani Ia i B l i Mohyliv-Podilskyi Vinnytsia Zhytomyr
  • E 584 Poltava Kirovohrad Chi in u Giurgiule ti Gala i Slobozia
  • E 592 Krasnodar Dzhubga
  • E 601 Niort La Rochelle
  • E 602 La Rochelle Saintes
  • E 603 Saintes Angoul me Limoges (formerly to Sculeni)
  • E 604 Tours Vierzon
  • E 606 Angoul me Bordeaux
  • E 607 Digoin Chalon-sur-Sa ne
  • E 611 Lyon Pont-d'Ain
  • E 612 Ivrea Turin
  • E 641 W rgl St. Johann in Tirol Lofer Salzburg
  • E 651 Altenmarkt im Pongau Liezen
  • E 652 Klagenfurt Loiblpass Naklo
  • E 653 Letenye - Tornyiszentmikl s
  • E 661 Balatonkereszt r Nagyat d Barcs Virovitica Oku ani Banja Luka Jajce Donji Vakuf Zenica
  • E 662 Subotica Sombor Osijek
  • link=European route E671 Timi oara Arad Oradea Satu Mare
  • E 673 Lugoj Ilia
  • E 675 Agigea Negru Vod Kardam
  • link=European route E691 Ashtarak - Gyumri Ashotsk - Akhalkalaki - Akhaltsikhe - Vale, Georgia T rkg z - Posof - Kars - Horasan
  • link=European route E692 Supsa Lanchkhuti - Samtredia
  • E 711 Lyon Grenoble
  • E 712 Geneva Chamb ry Marseille
  • E 713 Valence Grenoble
  • E 714 Orange Marseille
  • E 717 Turin Savona
  • E 751 Rijeka Pula Koper
  • E 761 Biha Jajce Donji Vakuf Zenica Sarajevo U ice a ak Kraljevo Kru evac Pojate Para in Zaje ar
  • E 762 Sarajevo Podgorica Albania
  • E 763 Belgrade a ak Nova Varo Bijelo Polje
  • E 771 Drobeta-Turnu Severin Ni
  • E 772 Yablanitsa Veliko Tarnovo Shumen
  • E 773 Popovica Stara Zagora Burgas
  • E 801 Coimbra Viseu Vila Real Chaves Ver n
  • E 802 Bragan a Guarda Castelo Branco Portalegre vora Beja Ourique
  • E 803 Salamanca M rida Seville
  • E 804 Bilbao Logro o Zaragoza
  • E 805 Famalic o Chaves
  • E 806 Torres Novas Abrantes Castelo Branco Guarda
  • E 821 Rome San Cesareo
  • E 840 Sassari Olbia Civitavecchia ends at E 80
  • E 841 Avellino Salerno
  • E 842 Naples Avellino Benevento Canosa di Puglia
  • E 843 Bari Taranto
  • E 844 Spezzano Albanese Sybaris
  • E 846 Cosenza Crotone
  • E 847 Sicignano degli Alburni Potenza Metaponto
  • E 848 Sant'Eufemia Lamezia Catanzaro
  • E 851 Petrovac Albania Prizren Pristina
  • E 852 Ohrid Albania
  • E 853 Ioannina Albania
  • E 871 Sofia Kyustendil Kumanovo
  • E 881 zmit - Bursa - Bal kesir - Manisa - zmir - e me
  • E 901 Madrid Valencia
  • link=European route E902 Ja n Granada M laga
  • E 902 formerly Nicosia Paphos
  • link=European route E903 Obernai - Molsheim - Wasselonne - Marmoutier - Saverne
  • link=European route E931 Mazara del Vallo Gela
  • link=European route E932 Buonfornello Enna Catania
  • link=European route E933 Alcamo Trapani
  • link=European route E951 Ioannina Arta Agrinio Missolonghi
  • link=European route E952 Aktio Vonitsa Amfilochia Karpenisi Lamia
  • link=European route E961 Tripoli Sparti Gytheio
  • link=European route E962 Eleusina Thebes
  • E 962 formerly Tripoli Sparta Gytheio

Notable E-roads

  • The longest E-road is E 40, which is more than long, connecting France with Kazakhstan.
  • The shortest E-roads are E 844, , in Italy and E 32, , in the United Kingdom.
  • Northernmost is E 69, North Cape, Norway, 71 10' N
  • Westernmost is E 01, Lisbon, Portugal, 9 10' W
  • Southernmost is E 75, Crete, Greece, 35 6' N
  • Easternmost is E 127, Maikapshagai, Kazakhstan, 85 36' E
  • The highest E-road is E 008 which reaches 4272 m (13562 ft) altitude in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.
  • The highest E-road in Europe is E 62 reaching 2005 m (6365 ft) at the Simplon Pass, Switzerland.
  • The lowest E-road is E 39 which reaches 262 m (832 ft) below sea level in the B mlafjord Tunnel, Norway.

See also

  • Asian Highway Network
  • Road transport
  • European long-distance paths
  • Pan-European corridors
  • National Road network (Netherlands) a system devised to complement the E-road network at a national level.


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