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Eibergen is a former municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands in an area called Achterhoek. The administrative cooperation of about 20 municipalities in this region, is called Regio Achterhoek.

On January 1, 2005 the municipality Eibergen merged with the municipalities of Neede, Borculo and Ruurlo into the municipality of Berkelland.


Population centres

Avest, Beltrum, Eibergen, Holterhoek, Hupsel, Lintvelde, Loo, Mallem, Olden Eibergen, Rekken, Zwolle.

The town of Eibergen

The town of Eibergen has a population of approximately 12,000 people. Its East boundary is the Dutch-German border and Eibergen used to count two official border crossing points on main roads and a small number of border crossing points for limited use on secondary roads. Since border crossing traffic became free and checks are only made inward at a certain distance from the actual border, the border has been 'perforated' by numerous (mostly bicycle) roads.

Because of this border past, a local annual indoor soccer tournament of Eibergen's police has grown to the world's largest sports event of its kind: the World Police Indoor Soccer Tournament. Held in October every year: more than 1,000 police officers from over 30 countries participate.


The Mallumsche Molen is an old water mill, build in 1753. It lies on the Mallumsche Molenweg together with the Muldershuis and opens every Saturday to show how flour can be ground by the water mill.

In the centre of Eibergen is the De Scheper museum which displays objects from the history of Eibergen and the Achterhoek.

People born in Eibergen

  • Willem Sluyter (1627-1673), vicar and writer
  • Hendrik Odink (1889-1973), writer and local historian
  • Menno ter Braak (1902-1940), author and polemicist
  • Annie Borckink (born 1951), speed skater
  • Astrid Bussink (born 1975), filmmaker

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