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Eddoe is a tropical vegetable, a variety of Colocasia esculenta, closely related to taro (dasheen), that is primarily used for its thickened stems (corms).[1][2] It has smaller corms than taro, and in all but the best cultivars there is an acrid taste that requires careful cooking.[1] The young leaves can also be cooked and eaten, but (unlike taro) they have a somewhat acrid taste.[1]

Eddoes appear to have been developed as a crop in China and Japan and introduced from there to the West Indies where they are sometimes called "Chinese eddoes".[1] They grow best in rich loam soil with good drainage, but they can be grown in poorer soil, in drier climates, and in cooler temperatures than Taro.[1]

Eddoes are also called malangas in Spanish-speaking areas, but that name is also used for other plants of the Araceae family, including tannia (Xanthosoma spp.).[1] Eddoe is known as arvi in Urdu and Hindi languages in South Asia.


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