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Dutta (surname)

Dutta, also spelled Datta, Dutt and Datt (Bengali and Assamese: ), is an Indian family name and surname found amongst Bengali, Punjabi and Assamese Hindus. The name is derived from the word aditya, which means sun in Sanskrit.



Bengali Duttas/Dattas belong to the Kayastha caste, a class of Kshatriyas that immigrated to eastern India from Kannauj during the 11th century AD.

Some members of the Baidya community use Dutta as a surname, although they more often use compounded variations such as Duttagupta or Duttasharma instead.

Famous Bengali Dattas/Duttas include:

  • Akshay Kumar Datta (1820 1886); writer
  • Aloke Dutta; tabla player
  • Amal Dutta; famous Indian footballer (retired) and football coach.
  • Anjan Dutta; popular artist of the 1990s Bengali music scene defined by anyodharar gaan (alternative song)
  • Aswini Kumar Dutta (1856 1923); nationalist leader and philanthropist
  • Chitra Singh; born Chitra Dutta, singer and wife of Jagjit Singh
  • Gurusaday Dutt founder- Bratachari Movement
  • Jyotirmoy Datta; writer, journalist, poet and essayist
  • Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824 1873); poet and dramatist
  • Radha Raman Dutta; music composer
  • Rajani Palme Dutt, British politician
  • Romesh Chunder Dutt (1848 1909); writer, economist, historian, translator of Vedas
  • Satyendranath Dutta
  • Sudhindranath Dutta
  • Swami Vivekananda (1863 1902); born Narendranath Dutta, spiritual leader of modern India
  • Tanushree Dutta; Indian actress
  • Tina Dutta; (actress)
  • Toru Dutt (1856 1877); poet
  • Utpal Dutt (1929 1993); author, dramatist, director, actor and activist


Punjabi Duttas belong to either the Kayastha or Mohyal Brahmin community. According to the gotra system, Mohyal Duttas are the descendants of Rishi Bharadwaj. Some consider Gaj Bhavan, the grandson of Rishi Bharadwaj to be the real founder of their clan.

Famous Punjabis include:

  • Divya Dutta; actress
  • Lara Dutta; actress and former Miss Universe.
  • Sanjay Dutt; actor
  • Sunil Dutt (1929 2005); actor, politician
  • Nargis Dutt (1929 1981); actor
  • Pundit Hulasa Ram Dutta; Businessman and social activist.


In Assam, Duttas/Dattas belong to general caste and are associated with Kalita community. Being Kalitas they more inclined towards Eksaran Naam Dharma and thus may not religiously follow idol worship unlike most of the traditional Hindus. Assamese Duttas' have made significant contribution to the society of Assam.

Famous Assamese include:

  • Moni Kangana Dutta, model and actress from Assam
  • Anandita Dutta, record holder in Limca Book of Records
  • Utpal Dutta, a National Film Award-winning film critic
  • Birendra Nath Datta, writer and a Padma Shri award recipient


See also

  • Dattatreya - a Hindu deity

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