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Donika Rudi

Donika Rudi[1] (June 7, 1982, Prishtina) is a Kosovar composer of mostly chamber and electroacoustic music works that she has performed in front of a variety of audiences throughout Europe.

Rudi studied composition with Mendi Mengjiqi at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo from 2000 until 2002. She then studied composition with Nicolas Bolens, ric Gaudibert and Micha l Jarrell and electroacoustic music with Rainer Boesch, mile Ellberger and Luis Na n at the Conservatoire de Musique de Gen ve, Switzerland from 2002 until 2006.

She currently works as director of the Electronic Music Center "Noise" and artistic director of Prishtina International Contemporary Music Festival ReMusica.

Her music has been performed in Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, and Switzerland.




  • Syt e gjyshes () - (incidental music, play by Arif Demolli / UNICEF), 2000;
  • Contemporary Ballet "Life in Slow Motion" premiered at the National Theatre of Kosovo by the Kosovo troupe of ballet and soloists Filibertt Tologo & Noemi Alberganti (ballet in 7 scenes, choreography by Filibertt Tologo, scenario by Doruntina Basha), 2-track tape, 2007

Chamber music

  • String Quartet, 'Sauts', 2002;
  • "B", soprano, double bass, piano, accordion, 2003;
  • Move (vocalise), mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, piano, 2006;
  • Le rire perdu, 3 clarinets, 2007;
  • First Step, 4 percussion, 2008
    • "Aura I" (vocalise), soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet, 2 violins, 2 violas, 3 percussion, 2-track tape, 2009
    • "Aura II" 1 solo violin, mixed choir ( SATB), string orchestra, 1 piano, 1 percussion and tape (text: Robert Lax) 2010;
  • "9" amplificated trombone and tape, 2010


  • Epitaf (text by Eqrem Basha), mixed chorus, 2003;
  • Why? (vocalise), 12 sopranos, 12 altos, 2006


  • "In the rain...", 2010


  • Colors (after Joan Mir ), cello, 2-track tape, 2004;
  • Image (text by Eqrem Basha), flute, 2-track tape, 2005;
  • Naissance, 2-/8-track tape, 2006;
  • Kabatronic, viola, 2-track tape, 2007;
  • Au-del du r ve, mixed chorus, soprano ocarina, 2-track tape, 2008;
  • Defiance, 2-track tape, 2009;
  • Grumble, 2-track tape, 2009;
  • Disturbia, 2-track tape, 2009;
  • Autumn, viola, 2-track tape, 2009;
  • Sophie's world, 2-track tape, 2010;
  • Nuit Bleue, 2-track tape ( inspired by Frederic Chopin prelude in e-mol), 2010;


The Red Room, 2-/8-track tape, animation (video projection by Shpend Gashi), 2006



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