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DishHD is a high-definition direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television service in Asia. The DishHD channel lineup is sold in two packages (Standard and Premier). DishHD programming includes both high-definition video channels as well as premium audio channels. The DishHD Premier Package provides consumers with the best HD channel selection in Taiwan

DishHD is also the only TV service provider that offers the complete on-screen program guide and menu option in English version.

[1] DishHD has over 400 dealers selling the DishHD service.DishHD is also sold in Mainland China by some Private sellers. Mainland China authorized dealers for Galaxy TV The DishHD corporate office is located in Taipei, Taiwan.[2]


Channel Genre Channel no. Language Quality
CNN HD Informational 6110 English HD
Sky News HD Informational 6120 English HD
NHK World TV Informational 6130 English HD
Nat Geo HD Informational 6190 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Nat Geo Wild HD Informational 6192 English and Chinese HD
Nat Geo Adventure Informational 6194 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Discovery HD World Informational 6200 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Food Network Asia General Entertainment 6235 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Travel Channel HD General Entertainment 6238 English HD
LUXE General Entertainment 6240 English HD
Li General Entertainment 6242 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Fashion TV General Entertainment 6245 English HD
FOX Crime HD General Entertainment 6248 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
FX HD General Entertainment 6250 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
FOX HD General Entertainment 6252 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Star World HD General Entertainment 6254 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
WEtv HD General Entertainment 6260 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Classica Music 6270 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
iConcerts Music 6275 English HD
HBO HD Movies 6310 English and Chinese(with Chinese subtitles) HD
Star Movies HD Movies 6320 English,Chinese and Cantonese (with Chinese subtitles) HD
FOX Family Movies HD Movies 6325 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Sundance Channel Movies 6330 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
NBA TV Sports 6350 English HD
ASN Sports 6355 English HD
Golf HD Sports 6360 English,Chinese and Japanese(with Chinese subtitles) HD
NHL Sports 6365 English HD
Fox News Channel News 6515 English SD
Bloomberg News 6520 English SD
KidsCo Kids 6550 English and Chinese SD
BabyFirst TV Kids 6555 English and Chinese SD
Boomerang Kids 6560 English and Chinese SD
Nickelodeon Kids 6565 English and Chinese SD
Discovery Science Informational 6590 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
Discovery Home & Health Informational 6592 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
Discovery Turbo Informational 6594 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
DA AI 2 General Entertainment 6630 Chinese SD
GoodTV General Entertainment 6632 Chinese SD
WarnerTV General Entertainment 6635 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
KMTV General Entertainment 6640 Korean (with Chinese subtitles) SD
tvN HD General Entertainment 6645 Korean and Chinese (with Chinese subtitles) HD
Australia Network General Entertainment 6650 English SD
DW-TV Asia+ General Entertainment 6655 English and German SD
MGM Channel Movies 6710 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
HBO Hits HD Movies 6720 English (with Chinese subtitles) HD
HBO Family Movies 6722 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
HBO Signature Movies 6724 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
Cinemax Movies 6726 English (with Chinese subtitles) SD
Asia FM AUDIO 6823
Philharmonic Radio Taipei AUDIO 6825
Chambers AUDIO 6826
Music for Caf AUDIO 6832
Japanese ENKA AUDIO 6839
Japanese POP Hits AUDIO 6843
J-POP 2000 Hits AUDIO 6844
Korean POP Hits AUDIO 6846
Mandarin Pop Hits AUDIO 6855
Mandarin Pop Hits New Top 100 AUDIO 6856
Mandarin Hot Albums AUDIO 6858
Mandarin Oldies AUDIO 6859
House Music AUDIO 6863
Lounge Music AUDIO 6869
Trance Club Mix AUDIO 6870
J Rock AUDIO 6874
Jazz AUDIO 6879
Greatest Jazz AUDIO 6880
Modern Jazz AUDIO 6882
Rock AUDIO 6896
Blues AUDIO 6897
Hip Hop and R&B AUDIO 6898
Reggae AUDIO 6899
American Weekly Top Hits AUDIO 6908
Ballads AUDIO 6909
American 70's Hits AUDIO 6913
80's Hits AUDIO 6914
90's Hits AUDIO 6915
2000's Hits AUDIO 6916
Inspiration AUDIO 6924
Forest AUDIO 6928


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