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Demo 2008

Demo 2008 is a demo tape by the metalcore band Miss May I. It was self-issued in 2008 and contains six original tracks that the band did not release prior.



After the band was signed to Rise, four of this demo's six songs were re-recorded for the band's debut album Apologies Are for the Weak, released in 2009. The two songs that were not re-recorded for the full-length are "Bon Voyage Shipwrecks" and the "Swing" cover that was originally performed by rapper Savage. Although the band still perform the "Savage" cover at some live performances to this day. "No Need To Whip A Dead Horse" was re-recorded as "Porcelain Wings."

The release is the heaviest by the band, with some songs even resembling a deathcore sound over metalcore.

A music video for the song "Architect" was produced.

Track List

  1. Arms of the Messiah - 3:15
  2. Bon Voyage Shipwrecks - 2:47
  3. Tides - 3:19
  4. No Need to Whip a Dead Horse - 3:17
  5. Architect - 4:07
  6. Swing (Savage over) - 3:34[1]


  • Levi Benton - lead vocals
  • Jerod Boyd - drums
  • B.J. Stead - lead guitar
  • Justin Aufdenkampe - rhythm guitar
  • Josh Gillespie - bass guitar, clean vocals


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