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Demo may refer to:

  • Demonstration (teaching)
  • Product demonstration, a sales or marketing presentation
  • Exhibition game or demo, a sporting event with no competitive value to any competitor
  • Demolition, the destruction of buildings and other structures


Computing and technology

  • Demo (computer programming), a non-interactive multimedia presentation
  • Game demo, a freely-distributed version of a video game
  • Technology demo, a prototype version of a technology product
  • Demo mode, a feature found in consumer electronics


  • Demo (music), a song recorded for reference rather than release
  • Demo 2004, a 2004 demo by Year of No Light
  • Demo (Miss May I album) (2008)

Other uses

  • DEMO, a proposed experimental nuclear fusion reactor
  • Demo (comics), a comic book series by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan
  • DEMOs, a business process design methodology by Jan Dietz
  • Demo, a daughter of Celeus and Metaneira
  • Demo, an annual conference held by Network World

See also

  • Demoware, software that users can test in a limited fashion before buying
  • Demo #2, a Neutral Milk Hotel demo tape
  • Demos (disambiguation)
  • Democrat (disambiguation)
  • Demographic
  • Demolition (disambiguation)
  • Demonstration (disambiguation)
  • Demoscene, collectively, the digital artists who create demos

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