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Darrel Higham

Darrel Higham (born 5 January 1970) is an English rockabilly guitarist.




Higham started playing lead guitar with British rockabilly bands in the late 1980s. By the mid-1990s, he had created the band that would become his main gigging and recording project: Darrel Higham & The Enforcers. Higham's solo projects include session work as guitarist with Chrissie Hynde,[1] Jeff Beck, Rocky Burnette, Billy Lee Riley, Shakin' Stevens (on the 1999 UK tour). Eddie Cochran's last road band - The Kelly Four - employed Higham as their front man for a six month period in 1992 for gigs and recordings in the US.

In 1996, he also appeared in London's Prince Of Wales Theatre playing the role of Scotty Moore and Eddie Cochran for 8 months in a revival of Jack Good's Elvis: The Musical.[1] This would lead to further roles as Eddie Cochran in touring theatre shows around the UK for a couple of years afterwards.

Higham co-owns Embassy Studios, a sixteen track analogue recording studio near Basingstoke, with Foot Tapping Records boss, Clive Duffin. They also run a small recording label, Ambassador Records. Higham is endorsed by Peavey and plays their amplifiers exclusively. He also helped design the company's first semi acoustic guitar - The Rockingham. He now plays a variety of guitars including a Gretsch White Falcon, a Gibson ES-5 and a Kay Thin Line re-issue.

From 2008 onwards he has also found success as lead guitarist in the Imelda May band, whose albums Love Tattoo and Mayhem reached number one in Ireland, as well as having toured the US as support acts to Jeff Beck and Jamie Cullum.

He is married to the singer Imelda May.

In 2011 he shared the lead vocal duties with his wife, Imelda May, on the Jeff Beck DVD, A Rock 'n' Roll Party.

With his wife, Higham is a fan of Sunderland AFC, a football team in the Premier League.

Published works

  • Don't Forget Me - The Eddie Cochran Story (with Julie Mundy; Mainstream Publications, 2000)[2]


  • Mobile Corrosion (Nervous, 1995)
  • Hal Weston & the Offbeats (Pink & Black, 1996)
  • Darrel Higham & the Barnshakers EP (Goofin' 1997)
  • The Cochran Connection, Volume 1 (Rockstar, 1997)
  • Howlin' at my Baby (Vampirella, 1998)
  • High Class Baby (Goofin', 1998)
  • Leather Heart EP (Vampirella, 2000)
  • How To Dance The Bop (Spindrift, 2000)

  • Ghost Of Love (Hunka Burnin', 2001)
  • The Sweet Georgia Brown Sessions (Foot Tapping, 2002)
  • The Cochran Connection, Volume 2 (Rockstar, 2004)
  • Believe What You Hear - A Tribute To Ricky Nelson (Foot Tapping, 2004)
  • Midnight Commotion (Foot Tapping, 2004)
  • Kat Men with Slim Jim Phantom (Kat Fight, 2006)
  • Crazy With Love (Foot Tapping, 2006)

As Darrel Higham & The Enforcers

  • Let's Rock Tonight (Fury, 1996)
  • Rockin' at The Coconut Top (Crazy Love, 1996)
  • For EP Fans Only (16/8 Records, 1997)

  • Unleashed (Vampirella, 1999)
  • Urban Jamboree (Foot Tapping, 2003)
  • Live at The Thunderbird Club (Rockstar, 2004)
  • A Monochrome Dream (Foot Tapping, 2008)

As Bob & The Bearcats

  • Hold On Tight (Pollytone, 1994)
  • On The Rampage (Pollytone, 1995)

  • High Heels & Homicide (Pollytone, 1996)
  • Rollin' to the Jukebox Rock (Vampirella, year unlisted)


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