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DSO may refer to:

  • Distinguished Service Order (disambiguation) refers to a number of decorations
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Dark Star Orchestra
  • Deathspell Omega, a French black metal band
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra
  • Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra
Computers and electronics
  • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, samples measurements and displays or stores them
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Dynamic Shared Object, a library of subroutines in Unix-like systems
  • Dark Sun Online
  • Dark Star One
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Deep sky object
  • Defence Science Organisation, now known as DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
  • Defense Sciences Office (DARPA), one of the seven program offices of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Digital switch-over, the transition from analogue to digital television transmission. See: Digital television transition
  • Direct Shipping Ore, referring to iron ore that can be shipped directly to a steel furnace
  • Directorate of Special Operations, South African law-enforcement agency
  • Direct service organisation, a business unit of a United Kingdom local authority
  • Distribution system operator in the electricity supply industry
  • Diving safety officer
  • Division Special Operations (Germany) (Division Spezielle Operationen), part of Germany's Bundeswehr
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis, corporate free zone in UAE
  • Groupe DSO, Australian headquartered business cooperative

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