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Commissioners of Sind
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Commissioners of Sind

The Commissioner in Sind was the most important government official in the province during the British era. Of the 104 years of rule, 89 years were under their authority. It was also because Sind was during this period a part of the Bombay Presidency. Earlier under Sir Charles Napier and later in 1936, it was a separate province. Therefore, in those times, the same official was known as the governor.



  • 1843-1847: Sir Charles Napier

Chief Commissioners in Sind[1]

  • 1847-1850: Richard Keith Pringle
  • 1851-1859: Henry Bartle Edward Frere
  • 1859-1862: Jonathan Duncan Inverarity
  • 1862-1867: Samuel Mansfield
  • 1867-1868: William Henry Havelock Acting
  • 1867-1877: William Lockyer Merewether[2]
  • 1877-1879: Francis Dawes Melville
  • 1879-1887: Henry Napier Bruce Erskine
  • 1887-1889: Charles Bradley Pritchard
  • 1889-1891: Arthur Charles Trevor
  • 1891-1900: Henry Evan Murchison James
  • 1900-1902: Robert Giles
  • 1902-1903: Alexander Cumine
  • 1903-1904: Horace Charles Mules
  • 1904-1905: John William Pitt Muir-Mackenzie
  • 1905-1912: Arthur Delaval Younghusband
  • 1912-1916: William Henry Lucas
  • 1916-1920: Henry Staveley Lawrence
  • 1920-1925: Jean Louis Rieu
  • 1925-1926: Partick Robert Cadell
  • 1926-1929: Walter Frank Hudson
  • 1929-1931: George Arthur Thomas
  • 1931-1935: Raymond Evelyn Gibson
  • 1935-1936: Godfrey Ferdinando Stratford Collins

Governors of Sind

  • 1936-1941: Sir Lancelot Graham
  • 1941-1946: Sir Hugh Dow
  • 1946-1947: Sir Francis Mudie


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