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Cleeng is a content monetization service that provides a way for digital publishers to charge their website's visitors micropayments to access their content.

The project was started during the debates[1] initiated by Ruppert Murdoch for further expanding the use of paywall systems to compensate the declining revenues of publishers, and allow quality journalism to survive. M Murdoch, along with leading media figures[2], believes that subscription models should complement the advertising models available online. In 2010, we saw the emergence of new models like those developed by Apple iPad, and also so called subscription - freemium models. Both model try to sell content in their integrality, i.e. people must buy the full content unit to read a given piece of content. The patented solution developed by Cleeng allow content producers to only sell the given piece of content.

Content monetization

The idea is to make it easy to monetize content, and democratize use pay-per-use of online content, so everyone can earn money from content. Such system intends to help the publishing industry adapt to digital transformation. Cleeng is a free software solution launched in November 2010. The service is dedicated to publishers and bloggers to help them monetize their online content.

Any publisher or blogger may create an account, install the WordPress plug-in and sell their articles, videos or pictures to online users. The solution is a pay as you go solution and does not require the online users to subscribe to the publisher web site. Publisher can collect micro-payments from 0,15 to a maximum of 0,99 (or equivalent local currencies) when online users consult online content. It works on all web-enabled devices such as computer, tablet, smart phones, TVs etc.

Publishers and bloggers define which part of their content is available to online users and the price for each item of content. This enables consumers to try content before they buy it.

When published, the content item is hidden behind a layer on the publisher's web site.

The user may create an account using Facebook, Google or his own account, and may access and acquire content from numerous web sites. Some journalists already considered considered the option could help save the publishing industry[3], while other judge that this could be a simple solution for bloggers to charge for content[4].

The company was created by Gilles Domartini, a former Philips, Apple and Packard Bell executive, who filed the initial patent of the solution. The co-founders are Donald Res, Nicolas Le Gall, and Benedicte Guichard. They share and publish frequently tips how to best monetize content.

Cleeng is operating from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has offices in Paris, France.


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