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Class A

Class A may refer to:

  • Class A airfield, a standardised design for military airfields built throughout Britain from 1942
  • Class A airspace, an airspace class defined by the ICAO
  • class A amplifier, a category of electronic amplifier
  • Class A (baseball), one of the lower levels of minor league baseball in the U.S.
  • Class A broadcast station (see list of broadcast station classes)
  • Class A Dress uniform, a type of military dress uniform
  • Class A driver's license in the United States
  • Class A drug, a British drug classification defined by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  • Class A foams, a type of foam used in firefighting
  • Class A motor home, one that is entirely coach-built
  • Class A network, also known as a classful network, a type of IP address
  • Class A (novel), the second book in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore
  • Class A share, a (usually voting) fractional ownership of a corporation
  • Class A stars, a type of stellar classification
  • Class A tennis, one of the levels of tennis
  • Class A office space
  • Class A surfaces in automotive design
  • Class A television service, system for regulating low power stations in the United States

See also

  • A class (disambiguation)
  • Class B (disambiguation)

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