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Class may refer to:



  • Class (education), a group of students attending a specific course or lesson
    • Course (education)
    • Lesson, in education
    • Classroom
  • Class (social), the hierarchical arrangement of individuals in society, usually defined by wealth and occupation
  • Class (biology), a taxonomic rank in biological classification
  • Class (philosophy), an analytical concept used differently to group phenomena from grouping as 'types' or 'kinds'
  • Class (set theory), in mathematics
  • Classes of United States Senators, for describing the schedules of elections for Senate seats
  • Hazard class, dangerous goods classification

Media and entertainment

  • Character class in role-playing games and other genres
  • Class (film), a romantic comedy released in 1983
  • Class (1998 film), an independent film co-produced by Steve Howey
  • Class (TV series), a British television programme, which airs on CBBC
  • "Class", a song in the Broadway musical, Chicago
  • "Class", an episode of The Protector
  • Class 95FM, a Singaporean radio channel
  • Class: A Guide Through the American Status System, a book by Paul Fussell
  • The Class (TV series), a CBS sitcom
  • The Class (2007 film), an Estonian film
  • The Class (2008 film) (Entre les murs), a prize-winning French film
  • The Class (Erich Segal novel), 1985


  • Class (computer programming), or type of object, a fundamental concept of object-oriented programming
  • C++ classes, program-specific data types
  • Java class file, the interpretable bytecode of a compiled Java program
  • Class attribute, a feature of many HTML and XHTML elements, typically to identify them for styles
  • Complexity class, a set of problems of related complexity in computational complexity theory
  • Class (warez), a defunct group in the warez scene


  • Travel class, a quality of accommodation on public transport
  • Class (locomotive), a single design of a locomotive as assigned by the railroad
  • Classification of United States railroads:
    • Class I railroad
    • Class II railroad
    • Class III railroad
  • Class rating, an allowance to fly a group of aircraft that require training common to aircraft within the group
  • Vehicle size class, a way of classifying cars
  • Ship class, group of ships of similar design

See also

  • CLASS (disambiguation)
  • Klass (disambiguation)

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