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Chyrp is a free and open source blog publishing application, developed by Alex Suraci. Chyrp is intended to be light-weight, yet functional.[1]



The idea of Chyrp has started in 2004 by Alex Suraci. Initially the project was called MCMS (mynimal CMS); then Mynimalistic; then Lingua; and so it has derived to Chyrp.


Chyrp is a tumblelog-like blogging engine,[2] hosted on one's own server. It uses a flexible plug-in system, with modules called "Feathers", providing more dedicated types of content to add, and themes, to change the appearance of the website.

Chyrp is built over PHP, MySQL (or SQLite), and AJAX[3]

Core modules

The default Chyrp install is rather vanilla, but Chyrp can be extended through modules. Modules are things that enable extra functionality to Chyrp. There are ten default Modules bundled to every Chyrp installation, each providing certain functionality for a certain topic.

  • Aggregator: Pulls content RSS2/Atom feeds into your Chyrp installation as posts.
  • Cacher: Caches pages, drastically reducing server load.
  • Comments: Adds commenting functionality to posts, including Akismet spam protection, auto-reloading, pagination, etc.
  • Likes: Adds a Like feature to your Chyrp posts.
  • Markdown: A Markdown wrapper for posts, pages, and comments.
  • Paging: Split entries into multiple pages at tags.
  • Read More: Splits entries at tag.
  • SmartyPants: A SmartyPants wrapper for posts, pages, and comments.
  • SWFUpload: This is a helper module which provides functionality to other modules.
  • Tagginator: Adds tagging functionality to posts, allowing organization, grouping, and adding keywords to posts.
  • Textilize: A Textile wrapper for posts, pages, and comments.


Version Release Date Notes
1.0 25 December 2007 First release to public.
1.0.2 28 December 2007 Mostly bug fixes, added feathers.
1.0.3 2 January 2008 Added previews, upgrader.
1.1 3 February 2008 Reduced SQL queries.
1.1.2 3 February 2008 Mostly bug fixes.
1.1.3 8 February 2008 Mostly bug fixes. 9 February 2008 Mostly bug fixes. 17 February 2008 Mostly bug fixes.
2.0 2 July 2009 Major release.
2.1 1 April 2011 Major release and bug fixes.[4]
2.1.1 12 August 2011 Vulnerability Fix.
2.1.2 2 February 2012 Vulnerability Fix.
2.5b2 8 February 2012 New theme and Like module.


Chyrp requires[5] PHP Version 5.2 or greater (with PDO support). MySQL 4.1 or greater, SQLite 3 or PostgreSQL.

See also

  • Micro-blogging


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