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Chinook () may refer to:


Main uses

  • The Chinook people of Native Americans.
    • Chinookan languages, in specific, Coastal Chinook and Upper Chinook
  • Chinook Jargon, a hybrid of Chinookan, Nootka, Chehalis, French, English and other languages
  • Chinook salmon
  • Chinook wind, a wind observed in the Pacific Northwest and western interior of North America



  • MV Chinook, a car ferry built in 1947 and operated by Black Ball Lines between Victoria, British Columbia and Port Angeles, Washington from 1947 to 1954
  • MV Chinook, a passenger ferry in Washington State built in 1998
  • MV Chinook II, the car ferry MV Chinook after being transferred to Canadian registry in 1954 to operate between Nanaimo, British Columbia and Vancouver, British Columbia
  • USS Chinook (PC-9), a U.S. Navy coastal patrol ship


  • Chinook, Montana
  • Chinook Park, Calgary, a neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Chinook Centre, a shopping mall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Chinook, Washington, a census-designated place in Pacific County, Washington, United States
  • Chinook Pass over the Cascades in Washington State
  • Chinook Scenic Byway, a scenic highway over the Cascade Range in Washington State
  • Chinook College, aka Chinook Learning Services, an adult education program of the Calgary Board of Education, and its campus
  • Chinook oilfield, a former name of Peregrino oilfield
  • for more place names see List of Chinook jargon placenames


Chinook camper

  • The Chinook, an early 20th Century newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia, published by George Murray
  • Chinook (newspaper), a late 20th Century underground newspaper in Denver, Colorado
  • Chinook Wines, Washington winery
  • Chinook (draughts player), an artificial intelligence computer program that plays draughts (checkers)
  • Chinook (dog)
  • Chinook (hops), a variety of hops used to brew beer
  • Chinook (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby bear made by Ty, Inc. in 2000, exclusive to Canada
  • A brand of imidacloprid-based pesticide

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