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Cabra, Spain
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Cabra, Spain

Twinning with Galiano Island, 1992
Twinning with Galiano Island, 1992
Almudena Alcal -Galiano Fresents the Flag of Cabra to Galiano Island
Almudena Alcal -Galiano Fresents the Flag of Cabra to Galiano Island
Cabra is a municipality in the province of C rdoba, Andalusia, Spain. It is also the name of the former ruling family of that area. As of 2005 the municipality had a population of 20,940 while its seat, the town of Cabra had 19,523.[1]



Cabra is in the center of Andalusia. The mean altitude is 452 meters. It covers 229 km and has a density of 91.4 inhab/km . The mean geographical coordinates are , and it is 72 kilometers from the province capital, C rdoba.


The area has been settled since the Paleolithic. During Carthaginian and Roman times the area was agricultural, with the old town of Cabra being the market center.

In the Battle of Cabra in 1079 El Cid fought on the side of Sevilla against Granada and subsequently fall from Alfonso VI's grace.


Cabra s economy is based on orchards of olives and grapes. The Parque Natural de las Sierras Subb ticas takes up part of the municipality. There are eight small villages, notably Gaena, Las Huertas Bajas and La Benita.

Agriculture is the most important activity occupying up to 45% of the population, depending on the time of year. Over 85% of the land (outside the park) is cultivated almost entirely in olive trees and grapevines. High quality oils are produced from the olives and wines from grapes. The industrial sector occupies approximately 30% of the population, with some textiles, metal working, and furniture making. Industrial food-processing is carried out mostly in the towns of Lucena, Baena and Priego. The remainder of the Cabraian population is involved in service industries, including minor tourism.

There is a Regional Hospital which serves the southern part of the province with about 200,000 inhabitants.

Local administration and politics

Since 2007 the mayor of Cabra is Ms. Mar a Dolores Villatoro Carnerero, of the Partido Socialista Obrero Espa ol. They govern in coalition with Izquierda Unida. Her party has 6 municipal councillors in the town's ayuntamiento, the Partido Andalucista has 6 too, Izquierda Unida has 5 and the Partido Popular has 4.

In the 2004 Spanish General Election the Partido Socialista Obrero Espa ol got 49.05% of the vote in Cabra, the Partido Popular got 29.04%, the Partido Andalucista got 14.07% and Izquierda Unida got 5.17 %.


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