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CSS Fredericksburg

CSS Fredericksburg was an ironclad of the Confederate States Navy during the American Civil War.

Fredericksburg was built at Richmond, Virginia in 1862-1863. The CSS Fredericksburg was the second ironclad to be completed in Richmond. On November 30, 1863 she was reported completed and awaiting armament. In March 1864 she was taken down to Drewry's Bluff to be fitted out, and placed in command of Commander Thomas R. Rootes, CSN.

Fredericksburg, one of the ships of the James River Squadron commanded by Commodore John K. Mitchell, CSN, was actively engaged in the James River from mid-1864 until the end of the war. Accompanied by the CSS Virginia II and nine other ships, the Fredericksburg participated in an engagement with the Union ship at Trent's Reach on June 21, 1864, but little damage was inflicted on either side due to the distance between them.[1] Similar inconclusive encounters took place in August, October, December, and the following January. With the evacuation of Richmond on April 3, 1865, the Confederates blew up Fredericksburg and other ships in the vicinity the following day. The Confederate Fleet was found in the James River. Her remains lie about fifty yards up river from her sister ship. The ship lies parallel with the river under the mud, which might be between six to fifteen feet deep.[2]


The commanders of the CSS Fredericksburg were:[3]

  • Commander Thomas R. Rootes (March 1864-December 1864)
  • Lieutenant Francis E. Shepperd (?-December 28, 1864; January 14-January 25, 1865)
  • Lieutenant Alphonse Barbot, Executive Officer in Charge (February 1865)

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