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CSS Archer

CSS Archer was originally a fishing schooner captured by the Confederate cruiser CSS Tacony during the American Civil War and converted into a Confederate cruiser for commerce raiding.

The CSS Tacony, commanded by Lt. Charles W. Read, captured the Archer on June 25, 1863 off the coast of Portland, Maine. Knowing that the Union was on a hunt for his ship, he transferred the crew and armaments to it and destroyed the Tacony.

Read decided to try and capture the revenue cutter Caleb Cushing on his way down the coast of New England. On June 27, 1863, the Archer sailed into Portland, Maine harbor in Maine and docked, disguising itself as schooner. At night, the Cushing was boarded and the crew placed below decks. The Archer and the Caleb Cushing then sailed out of the harbor in the dawn. When the disappearance of the Cushing was noticed, ships were sent in pursuit, and due to the failing wind, were able to catch up and capture the Archer, but not before Read had set the magazine onboard the Cushing on fire.

Officers and crew

  • Lt. Charles W. Read, commander
  • Billups, Matthewson, and Pride, master's mates
  • Brown, engineer
  • 16 men

Notes and references

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