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Ulead COOL 3D is a 3D graphics program for Microsoft Windows, released by Ulead Systems. It can be used for the creation of 3D animated titles and graphics for presentations, videos, or web sites.[1]

Ulead COOL 3D utilizes an intuitive user interface that enables the user to create animations with considerable less difficulty than in other 3D animation programs such as Blender; however, in turn Ulead COOL 3D lacks some of the more elaborate and complex features of more professional 3D animation programs. The latest version, Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio expands on earlier versions of Ulead COOL 3D with additional features, tools, and visual effects that are "specifically designed for video production".[2][3]

In Ulead COOL 3D, users may import their own graphics files or use pre-built shapes to create 3D objects. Users may apply custom or preset styles and effects to objects as well as adjust the lighting. Ulead COOL 3D provides various parameters for the manipulation of the three-dimensional objects. The user may directly enter numerical values for the parameters of the selected object, or they may be altered using the tools. Ulead COOL 3D utilizes key-frame animation techniques in which the key-frames are used to define the attributes of an object at a given time. This allows for the user to make quick adjustments. Ulead COOL 3D allows for animations to be exported in various popular formats such as AVI, GIF, or Flash.[4]

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