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CMS Computers

CMS Computers is a distributor of computer components in the UK. Founded in 1993. CMS Computers manufacturer and sell a variety of PC systems, components and accessories to trade.

According to the latest Microsoft figures, CMS Computers is the 5th largest manufacturer of desktop PCs, laptops and servers in the UK, and the third largest manufacturer of Intel based systems.[1]

CMS Computers is the owner of the brands Zoostorm and Fizzbook.[2]

In the past 2 years Zoostorm have won over 70 independent awards from magazine reviews for quality, performance and value, one example comes from a PC Advisor review in August 2007 [3]

The Fizzbook by Zoostorm is designed for children and has a rugged drop tested to 60 cm and splash proof design.[4] It also utilises the new Intel Atom processor which delivers increased computing performance, yet lower, more efficient power consumption than any other mobile processor.[5] A high resolution 8.9 screen with a 30GB hard drive, with a range of accessories and educational software including external drives, storage devices and child development applications linked to key stage.[6]



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