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Boeing 702

WGS (Wideband Global Satcom) Satellite Boeing 702 is a communications satellite design. The Boeing Satellite Development Center tailors the payload of each Boeing 702 to meet customer specifications based on a modular design but with usually more than seventy transponders.[1]

The baseline Boeing 702 is compatible with several orbital launch systems, including Delta IV, Atlas V, Ariane 5, Proton, Sea Launch operated Zenit 3SL and Falcon 9.[2]



Beginning in 2012, Boeing began manifesting all-electric propulsion commsats on the 702SP propulsion bus for eventual location in Geosynchronous orbit. These satellites are the first which will be launched with the intent to fully position the satellites using electric propulsion, thus requiring four to six months following launch to ready the satellite for its communication mission, but at substantial reduction in launch mass and, therefore, launch cost.[2]


Boeing offers a Xenon Ion Propulsion System (XIPS) option for the 702 satellite system.[3] XIPS is 10 times more efficient than conventional liquid fuel systems.[4] On a XIPS equipped 702 satellite; four 25-cm thrusters provide economical station keeping, needing only 5 kg of fuel per year.[5] Boeing asserts that this is "a fraction of what bipropellant or arcjet systems consume".[6] Boeing further asserts, that a XIPS can be used for final orbit insertion and has secured firm orders for spacecraft utilizing only ion thrusters.[7][8] This conserves even more payload mass, as compared to using an on-board liquid apogee engine.[9]


Customer Satellites Comments
DirecTV DirecTV-10, DirecTV-11, DirecTV-12
PanAmSat Galaxy XI, Galaxy III-C, PAS-1R
Telesat Canada Anik F1, Anik F2
United States Air Force Wideband Global SATCOM system 5 firm, 1 option (with XIPS)
New Skies NSS-8 (with XIPS), 2 options
XM Radio XM 1 "Rock", XM 2 "Roll", XM 3 "Rhythm", XM 4 "Blues"


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